#alldigitalweek 2018 in Dortmund, Germany: From dial to touchscreen

“From dial to touchscreen - Lead-in to the media use of tablets, smartphones and computer

By Annabella Korn, Dortmund

This course focuses on introducing different kinds of electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones and computer. The intention is to show barrier-free settings as well as a safe introduction on how to use these media devices. Furthermore the course presents different opportunities for communication and possible dangers associated with them. As this course mainly cooperated with city libraries and retirement community centres, almost all of the participants were seniors. A few people with disabilities were interested in joining as well.     

Due to the variety of participants we had the opportunity to meet various people and introduce them to the modern world of digital media, which we enjoyed a lot. Furthermore it was quite interesting to exchange different points of view and opinions on digital media. At first I felt a bit nervous to talk in front of an audience so that I was quite excited the days before the ALL DIGITAL Week, while my thoughts kept on circling around, “What if someone asks me a question and I won't be able to answer? Are the participants going to take me seriously?” At the end I figured that all the stress was for nothing, and as soon as the course started all of these thoughts quickly went away. 

Throughout the second course I started to relax. Most of the participants questions focused on Wifi, “When am I connected to the Wifi? How does it work? Do I have to pay if I use Wifi?” Another question from someone, “I don’t have any more storage space. What am I supposed to do?”

What impressed me most was how thankful everyone seemed and the joy of all the participants at the end of the course. Even the tiniest learning success led to a euphoric mood. “Thank you for everything!” were the words of an 80-year-old participant, who told us that she wished we could stop by every week and hugged us at the farewell. Lots of co-operators asked us to carry out our course once more.

We managed to receive plenty of positive feedback. Some people asked us whether it would be possible to visit them at home to give private lessons.

Overall I can happily say, that I learned a lot from taking part in the ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 and achieved more than I could have hoped for.   

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