#alldigitalweek 2018 in Dortmund, Germany: What does my child do online?

My name is Katrin Borg. I study rehabilitation science at Technical University Dortmund, and the the ALL DIGITAL Week campaign is part of my studies in 2018.

Together with my colleague. I facilitated the course “What does my child do online – an easy introduction to the world wide web” within the ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 in Dortmund, Germany. In total we worked with five different facilities, most of them were primary schools and schools for the disabled, but we also worked with a library and a psychiatric facility for children and adolescents. Our course mainly focused on educating the parents and legal guardians as moderators. All in all about 80 people attended our courses. 

The purpose of the course was:

  • Education on social media
  • How to recognize whether a child is addicted to social media
  • Child-safety settings
  • The risk of uploading pictures of underaged children

Personally I enjoyed working with primary schools the most. Mainly pupils and parents participated. The parents seemed especially interested on the topic of “influencers” on various social media. I felt like we achieved to sensitize the parents so they might even be able to deal with this topic after the ALL DIGITAL Week. We managed to get an overall positive feedback on our course so that we are planning to facilitate more workshops in the future.

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