ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 Germany: The ALL DIGITAL Week is for everybody!

For the sixth time, Stiftung Digitale Chancen (SDC) was the German national partner for the ALL DIGITAL Week. SDC led the campaign with the support from Scientific Institute of the Technical University of Dortmund and 21st Century Competence Centre. 

With the tagline “The ALL DIGITAL Week is for everybody” SDC strove for all people in Germany to be part of the digital world and to acquire the skills to use the Internet to their advantage. In order to reach these people, SDC follows the train-the-trainer approach and qualify volunteers, staff and freelancers to become multipliers.

As part of the project “Connect Seniors to the Digital World”, SDC trained multipliers from different facilities (seniors computer clubs, libraries...) to support senior citizens in using tablet computers independently.

We are happy, that so many organizations like libraries, Internet initiatives, computer clubs and a State Media Authority joined the ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 with more than 70 events in Germany.

Activities, events and workshops that marked the All Digital Week were related to:

  1. Coding (Courses and the Code+Design FeMales Camp 2018 were organized to encourage women and kids to start Coding)
  2. Usage of tablet computers and smartphones
  3. Digital services and e-learning programs of libraries
  4. Social Media
  5. Computer clubs

As a national partner of the campaign, SDC is grateful to all 21 organizations for putting together so many activities and empowering 800 people to use digital media. The ALL DIGITAL Week reached more than 20.000 people in Germany.

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