Ageing Well – User Needs and Expectations. - Vienna 2008, 2nd day.

Between speeches of speakers, chair (David Broster) at one point put his own summary, opinion:

The chair said:
“Of course, technology is not standing still, so although I feel fairly comfortable with technology today I dread to think what it might be like in 20 years time”.

I think that everyone who touches the technology, is interested in it wonders, what will be, then what will pop up next day. Since we have already technologies "do not click on" peas computer mouse, and is dedicated to the vision element in the system, blinking eye and generates "click". Now get me think that soon we will not need something such as the one with a standard desktop. The program will operate pulses from the brain. People say that the neural networks is the future. Future years 2010-2015? What will bring us years 2020-2030, when I was 37-47 years, 60 years?

At the end of the session was a few minutes, so eager instructors gave the microphone to taking part can ask for anything more.

For questions, which I heard in my opinion did not ask anything huge...

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