ALL DIGITAL AWARDS 2017: Digital Changemaker Olivera Stanić


Olivera Stanić

Rijeka, Croatia

Secretary and Director of Professional Service at Centre of Technical Culture (CTC) Rijeka

Years in service in the current organisation: 23



Olivera Stanić has been an active member of the local digital sector since 1982. Up until now, she has organized and implemented educational programmes of technical culture and IT, while running CTC Rijeka for the last 23 years. She has also been encouraging and promoting digital inclusion, technical education, computer science, and culture in general by organizing activities in order to stimulate the interest of children, youth, workers and other citizens in areas of scientific, technical and IT culture with application in business and everyday life, and the promotion of scientific, technical, IT and cultural achievements.

Currently, she is Secretary and Director of Professional Service in CTC Rijeka with 11 employees, where she gained experience in organization, management, marketing, planning and analyzing, financial and project management, negotiations and communication with decision makers. She is Secretary of SQLAdria, relations database association and Croatian ship modelers' association. 


Olivera has been creating stimulating environment for strengthening digital literacy and digital involvement of all citizens by running CTC Rijeka, the main local NGO for digital empowerment for 23 years. Under her guidance, CTC Rijeka held more than 120,000 hours of education and promotion of digital culture for more than 68,000 participants. With various projects of digital inclusion, she has been continuously contributing to her local community. Also, with long-term projects of developing business skills for disadvantaged, she has been supporting employability and entrepreneurship of the most vulnerable social groups.

She has been enhancing digital skills in her local community, especially among gifted children and youth, through numerous IT, programming and robotics projects, as evidenced with numerous awards on national student competitions. CTC Rijeka’s work is recognized and awarded by vocational organizations and on transnational competitions for best e-volunteering project.


Olivera Stanić runs an NGO with 11 employees where she is directly in charge of the project team and which she built up from 80m2 to 400m2 with her negotiating abilities. She has the ability to respond to the needs of local community, as well as to market needs, which she used to strengthen CTC Rijeka’s position. CTC Rijeka, managed by  Olivera, became a part of several national and international networks such as ALL DIGITAL, Eurodesk, LOPAZ, and CEDRA HR.

She has been educated for HR management and she is a Member of The Council for Civil Society Development where she is in touch with the most recent approaches in leading NGOs. Successful EU and national projects, awarded gifted attendants of CTC Rijeka’s projects and newly employed members of local community are only few results that are in favour to her leadership skills. Her employees evolved in their workplace because of her individual approach to each of her colleagues, excellent communication skills, and positive working atmosphere. 


CTC Rijeka has become a synonym for digital and community development for the region of Rijeka. Her and CTC Rijeka's work have been recognized and awarded with numerous awards among which the latest is Golden plaque Coat of Arms of Rijeka for a long-term contribution to the local community's empowerment for the adoption of new technologies in everyday life.

More than 68,000 people participated in educational and promotional activities through 23 years of nominee's position in CTC Rijeka, situated in Rijeka, town with 128,624 inhabitants. Many of them continued their professional growth in the field of digital culture and disseminate the outcomes. Successful projects are continued beyond the end of the funding period, and they have remarkable results such as employment of 50% participants after finishing their training. Also, Olivera has supported counseling and financing the development of local digital innovations such as e-Voice, electronic system for voice control for disabled people.

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