ALL DIGITAL AWARDS 2017: e-facilitator Dolores Carmona


Dolores Carmona

Torremejía/Badajoz, Spain

Facilitator at Digital Literacy Programme of Extremadura - AUPEX

Years in service as e-facilitator: 15

Number of people supported / trained: 10 000


Dolores is responsible for one of the telecentres (NCC for its acronym in Spanish), working in line with the Digital Literacy Plan of Extremadura. Therefore she works in a reference place where users go to learn basic digital skills or job seeking methods, although Dolores makes an extra effort to promote the digital culture while she tries to build a cooperation environment and a deep sense of community where people feel comfortable and selfconfident.

Dolores has worked for this programme for 15 years. She has worked in different NCCs but she always got involved in the local community, holding workshops, talkings and activities to enhance digital competence among neighbours.

She focuses her training activities on the special needs of the users, mainly unemployed youth and adults or elderly people who live alone, showing them how to be part of the appropriate social network or how to look for a job.


Dolores defines her job as a part of a project where versatile profiles are required, as e-facilitators need to be not only a digital reference but also an adviser, couch, community manager, journalist, … Nevertheless, many users talk about Dolores as a good friend or even as a second mother, since Dolores gets really involved in the youth labour integration.

She likes to work with all kind of social groups although she has a special connection with youth. Dolores tries to keep up their motivation on their job seeking process. Her positive attitude is essential to attract unemployed young people to the centre.

The nominee believes in her job and is convinced about how ICT can help people to improve their lives. She also loves to learn from the users, what strengthens the relationship between them and creates a very effective knowledge sharing environment.


Dolores is a unique e-facilitator for her proactive attitude, her social skills and her engagement with her users.
She uses a friendly, easy-to-understand and motivating language. She has given more than 1,000 workshops, always with very positive feedbacks from the users.

For Dolores, emotions and attitude are the key points of the success. So, before Dolores starts a new activity, she works on the motivation of the group, so users feel comfortable. For the nominee, digital literacy is an opportunity to bring new inputs into user’s life, since users can find new ways of personal and professional development in a static rural environment.

The telecentre facebook profile shows the way Dolores works: 


Some examples of Dolores and her users’ achievements can be seen in this video. The video was launched during the Internet Day (17th May) in the telecentre of Torremejía, which Dolores runs.

Antonia, a young girl who studied hairdressing attended one of Dolores workshops “Digital skills: an opportunity for youth” where she learnt how to look for a job on the Internet. During the workshop, she found a job at a famous hairdressing company. Until then she had only handled CV physically.

An elderly woman whose husband died took part in a course because she didn’t want to be alone at home. It changed her life as now she is connected with some friends through social networks and she can even create and edit photo albums.

Isabel, who finished a workshop on the 14th of July, has just started working for a company she found during the workshop, where she learnt how to do her own CV, find appropriate job portals and apply for a job.

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