ALL DIGITAL AWARDS 2018: digital changemaker José Miguel Morales-Miranda


José Miguel Morales-Miranda

Moraleja, Spain

E-facilitator and content developer at AUPEX

Years in service: 3


José Miguel has a very special connection with youth and the second wave of digital skills. He has boosted the Digital Social Laboratory, defining new actions in the field of coding, robotics, 3D printing, virtual reality and the industry of video games.

He runs the centre of Moraleja, a town where José Miguel has become a reference for any ICT training, not only on basic digital skills, but also when talking about coding, video game design and social innovation projects.

José Miguel manages the social networks of the local Cancer Association and cooperates with disabled people associations. José Miguel is literally dedicated to the local community, not only while doing his job, but also during his free time.

Recently, he has run the main pilot experiences in the frame of the Digital Social Labo, with awesome results among young users, who claim for further training in the field of coding.


José Miguel is currently developing an online course for those interested in the industry of video games. At the same time he is actively working on Slack for the design of different training actions on coding, robotics, 3D design and printing and virtual reality. His leadership is in line with his motivation, his great relationship with all the team and his ability to get people involved in his projects.

Nobody understands how he can manage to do so many things in one day!

José Miguel is a local revolution. Local stakeholders, institutions, high-schools,… there is a long waiting list for him and his ideas. He listens actively to people’s needs and loves challenges; he is a creative and forward-looking person.


Since 2016, José Miguel provided over 3000 eAdministration services. The biggest record ever!!

We should highlight a project recently launched thanks to José Miguel’s support: (a girl who attended an e-commerce workshop and learnt how to manage her own online business),

José Miguel is also developing different SEO and SEM training and strategies with local companies in his town.
As he says: “I would have never though that so many projects will be born in this centre when I started”

Watch Fernando Solis interview (ALL DIGITAL Week - digital inclusion experience), one of José Miguel 'smain success stories:

José Miguel is pushing his community towards an inclusive digital transformation while having fun and empowering young people. He is also motivating the rest of the team, showing them how coding and robotics must be faced as a game. A real digital changemaker.

Watch Jose Miguel's nomination by the AUPEX team:

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