ALL DIGITAL AWARDS 2018: digital resource "Les Bons Clics"


Les Bons Clics


Year created: 2017

Resource owner: We Tech Care owns the Les Bons Clics platform. It is a French organization that works to make digital a chance for all. It was created in 2015 and works together with Emmaüs Connect on digital inclusion.


Les Bons Clics aims to enable anyone to teach basic digital skills and provide key online services to those who are not digital users. It trains people who are affected by a lack of digital skills, supplying them with e-learning modules and online services.

This platform contains pedagogical and training material, both for trainers and trainees, as well as collaborative tools for helpers able to train anyone.

Les Bons Clics is unique because the platform focuses mainly on trainees, it allows them to hold all the important tools for their beneficiaries, detect who is not autonomous on cyberspace setting up a digital diagnosis tool. In conclusion, it is different because it brings together all the tools to become digitally autonomous ranging from diagnosis, e-lessons, orientation, training, a map for professionals and accompaniment.

So far, it has been developed only in France for francophones. One of our aims could be to spread it to English speakers as refugees.


In only 1 year, there have been 636 applications for registration by professional structures, 1,526 beneficiaries, and 1,498 social workers.

The overreach can be overcome by the label “French Impact” launched by the French government. We Tech Care won and led it in consortium with, Libraries Without Borders, French Red Cross, the National Neighbourhood Association Liaison Committee and Emmaüs France. The main purpose is to spread the platform Les Bons Clics at the national level.

The platform Les Bons Clics allows trainees to focus on their core business, helping people in need. What is more, it helps the beneficiaries to overcome their fear and become numerically autonomous.

We have received some feedback from professionals who were thrilled to use our platform. For example, Marie Gibaud, a social worker said: “I found it really amazing, I thought it was exactly what I was looking for in order not to do administrative procedures in the place of users”.


The platform can easily be adapted to new audiences and countries. We aim to translate the platform, at first, into English to a non-francophone population in France and forward, spread it in French and English speaking European countries. This will be possible thanks to a partnership with other orgs to set up an international platform Les Bons Clics. In this way, they will be able to upload their own resources on it.

We also thought about creating a new international platform where each partner could submit their own modules. It might be possible to share our resources contained in Les Bons Clics with other foreign organizations.

Our aim is to allow each organisation to personalize the platform to its beneficiaries through open source. It’s a free access to data processing triggered by each network. The end result will be to ensure sustained commitment at European scale.

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