ALL DIGITAL AWARDS 2018: digital resource "Seniors@DigiWorld Online Course"


Seniors@DigiWorld Online Course


Year created: 2018

Resource owner: The consortium of the project "Connect Seniors to the Digital World" (SDC, VIPT, EOS, CIDET)


Senior citizens are in many European countries not yet online. A solution is to train staff and volunteers of retirement homes, libraries and senior centres to become multipliers who empower seniors to use tablet PCs.

This online course provides the technical and pedagogical skills to multipliers, supports them in creating concepts for their training offers that fit to their contexts and leading them to implement the offer in their institutions. It provides learning materials (e.g. cheat sheets which are step-by-step instructions of how to use a tablet) that can be used by the multipliers in their trainings with seniors.

The online course can be also used by trainers of multipliers as part of a blended learning qualification offer. Curricula for f2f sessions and online meetings as well as guidelines for the implementation are included in the course.


With the online course 45 multipliers were trained in four countries (DE, ES, LT, RO) who  then supported 130 seniors.

This is one of their stories:
Daiva is a social worker at an elderly home in a small Lithuanian town. She helps older adults adjust to life in their new residence, provide support and care. Thanks to the course, she is now able to use a tablet to empower seniors. “I participated in a distance training programme for the first time and found this way of learning very useful and convenient. Edueca platform allowed me to easily use e-materials, consult online and study when I have time. By studying topics online I gained skills and knowledge not only in technical use of tablets but also found valuable information about senior citizens non-formal education, ways to motivate and engage them into the learning process. The tablet is convincing as a useful therapy for our home residence. It stimulated communication, interaction, improvement of well-being, and memory training".


The online course was also developed in English so that organisations and multipliers from other countries will be able to easily exploit it. While multipliers can use the training material to go through it and study by themselves at their pace of learning, organisations that want to train multipliers can additionally use the learning concept and curricula for the "Trainers of multipliers". They are able to create a blended learning course for multipliers by only localising the materials.

Furthermore, the course can be used by all people that are able to handle a computer but still have trouble with tablet PCs and/ or smartphones. The materials explain the use of the devices in a simple way building on the approach that the devices and OS have a similar logic.

The online course is freely available and can be transferred and adapted, Licence CC BY SA.

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