ALL DIGITAL AWARDS 2018: e-facilitator Antonio Collado


Antonio Collado

Barcelona, Spain

e-facilitator at FUNDACIÓ PERE TARRÉS

Years in service as e-facilitator: 20

Number of people supported / trained: 4000


Antonio is an e-facilitator in a point Omnia in Santa Coloma de Cervelló. In 1998 he founded MITHRA ASSOCIACIÓ to bridge the digital divide. In 2017 he founded the Association of Digital SocialDynamics Professionals to dignify the profession. He is a teacher at the Open University of Catalonia and author of "La alfabetización digital en los procesos de inclusión social" (ISBN: 9788490296936).

In 1998 Antonio designed the 1st computer course for elderly people in Catalonia. Since then, he has designed projects for all groups.  He advises municipalities on the Knowledge Society and community improvement, and impart training. He has coordinated e-facilitators and promoted innovation for social improvement by looking for the agents of the city that do or could do actions on this subject. He collaborates with them to achieve their mission, using ICT and making them interrelate. 

ICTs are an attractive tool for learning and accelerate the processes of social improvement. But there are risks, and Antonio helps foster critical thinking around ICT.
You can see examples at


Antonio has a privileged vision of the whole process of implementing ICT solutions for social improvement: he has worked with politicians in the Knowledge Society strategy of the city, created an association to carry it out,
 designed concrete solutions and taught them. He has also done it in different cities. 

He uses methodologies appropriate to each group: individualization, gamification, group dynamics,
practical workshops, visits to other centres.

Antonio is promoting the dignity and visibility of the profession through the Association of e-facilitators. Through the Association, they want to influence the policies on the Knowledge Society. 

Antonio believes that the success of his actions is thanks to social innovation and collaborating with local agents.

A video about his work in one of the centres;
Another video about the association of e-facilitators

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