ALL DIGITAL AWARDS 2018: e-facilitator Gema Parrado-Leon


Gema Parrado-León

Puebla de la Calzada, Spain

e-facilitator at AUPEX

Years in service as e-facilitator: 12

Number of people supported / trained: 4000


Gema travels everyday to Puebla de la Calzada, a town where she has become part of the community since 2010. She has been working as e-facilitator for 12 years. Her engagement and her ability to empathise with people have given her an amazing feedback, not only from users, but also from the rest of the team, that have nominated her as the best candidate as e-facilitator.

Media literacy, confidence, equal opportunities and inclusion are the base of Gema’s everyday activities. She
always makes an extra effort to reach those users with lack of digital skills, showing them the best way to become part of the digital world with confidence and responsibility.

Gema has been one of the most active members of the team that worked on Slack for the design of the new
actions in the frame of the Digital Social Lab. Her contributions are really valuable since she always puts herself in the shoes of users.

See Gema's nomination by the AUPEX team:  


Gema is a self-demanding professional who never stops looking for new methodologies, trends and training
resources. Her professionalism, her proactive attitude and her ability to communicate and teach, are some of the reasons why the Digital Literacy Programme considers her one of the keystones of the project.

What makes Gema unique can be watched in the following TV interviews:

Gema has great communication skills. Users and colleagues trust her and enjoy listening to her due to her
friendly, easy-to-understand and motivating way of speaking. That is the base of her success.

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