ALL DIGITAL AWARDS 2018: e-facilitator Juan Acosta López


Juan Acosta López

Mengibar, Spain

e-facilitator at Guadalinfo

Years in service as e-facilitator: 12

Number of people supported / trained: 5 000


Juan started as e-facilitator in Guadalinfo 3 years ago, with an expertise of 9 years before. He manages everyday the Guadalinfo Telecentre, creating activities, scheduling events, courses, empowering the citizens in e-administration, etc.

The main groups he is working with are:

  • Kids: Digital competencies courses and responsible use of the internet.
  • Entrepreneurs and Freelance: IT solutions for their work and SMEs, to improve the profits and quality of life.
  • Unemployed and young: Dig comp to increase opportunities to get an employment through an activity "Path for Employ" with several activities, collaboration with local SMEs, etc.
  • Local Government, IT Park Geolit and local SMEs.

Main courses, training:

  • "Path for employ": several workshops and sessions to improve the personal mark, CVs, self employment and the use of employment platforms
  • Anti-bullying sessions KIVA method.
  • Web design, robotics, 3D printers, arduino, Cloud Computing.
  • Olive Oil ecommerce for local producers.
  • E-admin tools
  • IT teacher and dissemination

His methodology is focused on the use of practical training and workshops. He works closely with the users and they get involved and interested in the contents.


Juan is a person in continuous evolution and learning. He loves ITs so he is always looking for how to improve his knowledge about new techs and applications to use them in his daily work with the users. His expertise as trainer allows him to adapt easily the focus of the resources to the groups needs or demands. The impact of his work is quite important in his village. Over 60% of the participants in the "Path for Employ" have found a new job. Students are improving their results in the school, etc. 

Some of the examples and results of his work:

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