ALL DIGITAL Awards 2019 finalists: digital changemaker John Munn


John Munn

London, UK


Global Digital Week CIC

Years in service: 2


John used to run the world's first brewery to specialise in ancient alcoholic drinks but, after learning that a close friend was suffering with alcoholism, John decided to devote his time to doing good. John has since been running Global Digital Week - a not-for-profit that develops students’ digital skills. Graduates do not have the digital skills employers require and universities do not know how to fix this problem.

Initiatives that exist to solve the issue fail for the same reasons - they are set up by, and for, 'techies’ - people who already wanted to develop their digital skills. They are acronym heavy and cliquey, inaccessible if you are not already part of the subculture. Rather than trying to make people passionate about tech, Global Digital Week helps people realise how tech relates to their passions. In 2018 we held events across 4 countries with 1,192 attendees, 46 partners and an economic impact of >£1m. We were one of the most inclusive tech festivals on the planet.


Paternal and collaborative in leadership style - John always works with his team to ensure all work together to develop the skills desired while doing the best job possible. John recruited and now leads a team of 13 volunteers across 8 countries and 12 nationalities. In just 8 months, Global Digital Week secured collaborations with 46 organisations to run events across 4 countries for 1,192 students that were mutually beneficial for all parties.

We work with universities to allow students to work directly with us to gain experience alongside their studies. Industry partnerships developed allow world-leading coding courses to be offered to students at a fraction of the standard price to develop the skills of students across 92 countries. Global Digital Week is radically transparent. We share all networks possible, we share best practice publicly and are always open to collaborating with any organisation or initiative if it can somehow help students develop their digital skills.


In 2018 we worked with 46 partners to deliver events to 1,192 students across 4 countries (UK, Germany, Italy and China), achieving an economic impact of >£1m from a financial spend of £120. One of the most inclusive tech events in the world in 2018 - 51% of our attendees female, the average is just 17%. Brought giants like Google and SMEs local to each university partner together. 95% of our attendees ranked us as useful, interesting, and would recommend us to a friend. We all have ‘lived experience’ and work directly with students, universities, and employers to ensure our offering is relevant and improving the digital skills the workforce requires.

Our coding courses are currently delivered across 92 countries. Leeds Digital Festival awards finalist as 'Facilitator Of The Year' Students who previously had little interest or tech ability have gone on to work for companies like Microsoft and even set up their own businesses using their newfound confidence and digital skills.

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