ALL DIGITAL Awards 2019 finalists: digital changemaker Kristi Kivilo


Kristi Kivilo

Tallinn, Estonia

CEO; Chief Specialist

Vaata Maailma; Ministry

Years in service: 12


Kristi Kivilo has been working with ICT skills and digital literacy projects over a decade. As the manager of the Vaata Maailma foundation (closed in 2019), she concentrated on developing ICT-skills of the Estonian population and promoted the safe use of ICT through her work. In 2009-2011, 10% of the adult population of Estonia (100,000 people) were trained through the “Come Along!” training project managed by Kristi.

Kristi also initiated the development of a network of ICT-hobby groups (SmartLabs) for children where they could learn coding, robotics, etc. Since the start of the project, more than 3000 young people have engaged in ICT related hobby activities.

Recently, she has run the main pilot experiences in the frame of the Digital Social Labo, with awesome results among young users, who claim for further training in the field of coding.


Kristi has worked in several large scale training projects that require co-operation and team work. She understands that no man is an island and you need to work together with many partners to bring about change. She can co-ordinate projects that include many partners and stakeholders with ease and this enables her to facilitate change in peoples lives by bringing digital technologies closer to them.

Under her leadership Vaata Maailma foundation co-ordinated the Estonian Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition that brought together many important stakeholders all interested in developing the digital skills of the Estonian population


During her time in Vaata Maailma SA she coordinated several large scale training projects. “Come Along!” project trained 100,000 people. The "New Beginning" project has provided more than 2,000 repurposed computers to community centres and libraries to help them develop users digital skills.

Smart device security project “NutiKaitse 2017″ ensure that 70% of mobile smart device owners in Estonia use their devices in a secure way and by the end of 2017 at least 300,000 people in Estonia used the secure Mobile-ID or similar for electronic authentication and digital signatures. Since the start of the project, more than 3,00 young people have engaged in ICT related hobby activities through the SmartLabs project. Thanks to Kristi’s initiative, the network is also active in Hour of Code activities and in 2018 close to 10,000 students in Estonia were introduced to coding for the first time.

The above list is just a fraction of her contribution.

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