ALL DIGITAL Awards 2019 finalists: digital resource Guideline Digital Competences for Elderly People


Guidelines "Digital Competences for Elderly People"


Year created: 2018

Resource owner: Stiftung Digitale Chancen (Digital Opportunities Foundation) and Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG (CC-BY-SA 4.0)


To participate in social life, it is necessary to deal competently with digital media. We support those who help older people in acquiring necessary skills dealing with digital applications and strengthening self-confidence/efficacy. The guide contains instruments to understand senior citizens and their need for support.

With instructions/examples it helps to create a needs-based offer to support elderly regarding media usage and literacy. The guideline is based on a study conducted by SDC in 2017 that examined how older people use digital media.

Target group: digital facilitators; seniors (e.g. handouts)


  • Learner/Needs orientated Learning Scenarios instead of abstract Courses
  • Identify individual Preconditions, Skills, Interests, Needs, Benefits
  • Create learning scenarios, combining several topics, orientated on all-day-situations
  • Different learning formats adaptable to the individual needs and matching different requirements (formal, Semi-formal, Open)
  • Complexity raises step by step


Since the guide was published in June 2018, the printed edition has been ordered 1,500 times (completely out of stock within 7 months) and was downloaded 1,750 times in Germany. We hit the nerve of time and have met very high interest. The second edition will be published soon, there are pre-orders in the range of several hundred pieces. The video below gives an impression of the impact.

In our project "Digital mobility in old age", in which the guideline was developed, we also lend out tablets to senior facilities all over Germany. The seniors can take them home to try out various possibilities the digital devices offer for their everyday life. The guideline provides the professionals of these facilities with the necessary knowledge to offer support and accompany the elderly in their media usage. In the video, the seniors who had the pleasure to try out the tablet PCs tell enthusiastic stories about their learning successes.


Most of the challenges and problems the elderly face with digital media are universal, therefore it can easily be transferred to other countries. Furthermore the guide is published under Creative Commons License (CC-BY-SA 4.0), so it can be translated in different languages and be edited. Since the guideline focuses on individual preconditions, interests, needs and benefits it can be adopted to different target groups at little expense as well.

The guideline will also be checked for actuality by the foundation continuously. Updates and extensions will be provided (e.g. in 2019: identify and counter fake news and hate speech, quality assurance and evaluation). Overall, “Digital mobility in an old age” provides easy and free of costs access to digital devices and the internet for older people (rental of tablet pcs) to help overcome fears of contact, and helps those people/facilitators who support and accompany older people on their way into the digital world (providing guideline).

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