ALL DIGITAL Awards 2019 Finalists: e-facilitator Dace Bergmane


Dace Bergmane

Ventspils, Latvia

e-facilitator and IT Training Course Manager at Ventspils Digital Centre

Years in service as e-facilitator: 12

Number of people supported / trained: 4000

Nominated by: colleague Raitis Roze


Dace started educating adults in 2014. In 2017 the school she was working in was shut down, and she got an offer from the local municipality to work in Ventspils Digital Centre to continue work with long-distance learning and development of training programs for teachers and students. Now Dace implements learning technologies and platforms for the teaching process/work, develops training programmes and methodologies, does training management and user consulting.

Dace has experience in educating all age groups. She has developed and conducted many courses and workshops: computer basics; clerical training; distance learning for teachers; computer skill development and programming basics; use of different IT tools in the teaching process. Dace has great experience with the online educational platform “Moodle”, and she consults teachers how to use this platform in the teaching process. Dace has developed a programme for Ventspils preschool teachers on the use of various ICT tools for the child teaching process. Dace encourages her students, makes technology interesting, creates a light atmosphere during the lessons by communicating, involving students and using humour to remove tension between participants.


Dace is not afraid to try and implement technologies and tools in her work to make the studying process interesting and easier for students, even if that means additional work for her. She makes interactive presentations, for example, tests in MS Powerpoint. She has taught computer graphics to younger students and how to print the created designs on cups.

She is a professional in convincing people to not be afraid of technologies, believe in themselves and try new things. She also teaches in a way that her students can explore the technologies during the lessons under her guidance and still get the feeling that they did it on their own.

Dace is always searching for solutions to make teaching more interesting, when developing teaching materials. She has developed a programme for Ventspils pre-school teachers on the use of various ICT tools for the child teaching process and even written a book in 2005 “Computer skill basics” for her students.

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We believe that Dace has changed many lives. For example, working with pensioners and teaching a course of Computer basics she taught them not to be afraid to push buttons and explore and believe in themselves. After that lesson one of the pensioners came up to Dace and thanked her for encouriging the students not to be afraid, because this person tried a lot of new things at home on her tablet and discovered many new things. Thanks to Dace the seniors now have skills to contact their relatives through social media and read news on the internet, which helps them to stay integrated in the society.

She influences also young people, because of her interesting lessons; several of her younger trainees have decided to go to the university and connect their future with ICT.

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