ALL DIGITAL Awards 2020 finalists: changemaker Gabriel Brezoiu

Digital Changemaker Finalist: Gabriel Brezoiu, Romania

City/Town: Bucharest

Country: Romania

Years in service: 10

Organisation:  GEYC - Group of the European Youth for Change

Position in the organisation: General Manager


Gabriel is the founder of the GEYC Community, a digital youth work community established for the Romanian youth back in 2010. Now, the community counts over 4,000 members: youth, youth workers, and teachers from Romania, Romanian Diaspora, and Moldova, offering each year 1,000 personal and professional development opportunities for its members.

The community was created by taking advantage of the increasing usage of new media among youth and the attractiveness of European mobility programmes aiming to bring information in their feed.

In this capacity, Gabriel started to organize:

- eLearning programmes (,
- multi-stakeholder events (,
- European training programmes in the digital youth work field addressing both youth and youth workers (in the past 3 years he trained more than 1000 people) and
- digital campaigns for Romanian schools developing digital skills, digital citizenship and employability for over 10,000 students and 300 teachers.


This was a good question so that we asked the community members directly in our Facebook group. Some opinions:

"He doesn’t let anything to limit himself and he is supporting others every time needed" (Stefan)

"As a trainer, I think he is the most energized person I have ever met in my life" (Vera)

"Gabi is that one person crazily in love with what he is doing, who encourages the youth to actively participate in the community" (Simina)

Gabriel has a good understanding of the youth needs, and we remarked the huge development of the GEYC community to 4,000 members by initiating innovative programmes connected to our needs and taking advantage of the current digital technologies available.

In 2015 Gabriel initiated PRISMA European Network, a pan-European network gathering youth organizations interested to develop their impact through digital. In the past 10 years he worked with 200+ organizations, he trained over 1,800 participants and he managed 100+ projects.


Through GEYC, Gabriel initiated a community of changemakers that got facilitated access to information, opportunities to get involved, had a say, participated in the decision-making processes, learned, travelled and had fun.


  • GEYC Community was acknowledged as one of the first digital youth work examples in Europe (Council of Europe);
  • New Media Ambassadors ( is one of the first innovative eLearning & Virtual exchange programmes using social media as a structured learning platform;
  • GEYC Community strongly supports youth development and employability (GEYC10 Impact Report, 2020);
  • More than 100 youth organizations at international level have been supported in the digital field through the training programmes led by Gabriel (fields: digital inclusion, employability, productivity, entrepreneurship, sustainable development etc.);
  • 2018: Forbes Magazine included Gabriel Brezoiu in the Forbes 30 under 30 ranking (Romania).

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