ALL DIGITAL Awards 2020 finalists: changemaker José Miguel Morales Miranda

Digital Changemaker Finalist: José Miguel Morales Miranda, Spain

City/Town: Moraleja

Country: Spain

Years in service: 5

Organisation: AUPEX

Position in the organisation: Digital Facilitator


5 years after José Miguel started running the Moraleja Digital Competence Center, this space has become a real reference at a local and county level. During these years, eAdministration has doubled since most of citizens use public online services due to the training the receive in the Center.

Enterprises and entrepreneurs are one of his main target groups in order to boost digitalization and adaptation of several local businesses.

Unemployed people are another important target group for José Miguel, who usually receives positive feedback not only from users, who find his training very relevant and engaging, but from public institutions and companies, that receive CV from candidates who have attended his workshops.

José Miguel is the reference eFacilitator when it comes to social innovation projects in the frame of the Digital Social Lab. His projects have been replicated in other Centers of the regional network, and his ideas always inspire new and innovative training events.


Collaboration networks consider José Miguel a key stakeholder since he is always a source of motivation and inspiration for activities, ideas and engaging events for the inclusion of disadvantage people, youth motivation and social inclusion.

José Miguel has created a special working dynamics with local and regional associations and institutions: Town Hall, local businesses asociation, Therapy Center, and the association of disabled people.

During the lockdown, José Miguel was the coordinator of the maker movement in the county, where they have printed over 1000 face shields and 2000 ear protectors.

José Miguel is a volunteer (community manager - webmaster) at the Cancer Association of Extremadura (AOEX).

Lately José Miguel has started interviewing workmates and project coordinators for a new podcast channel on digital inclusion, employability and digital transformation.

He also piloted the Udoo project introducing Udoo kits in the STEM training, results of which were shared in the final conference of the UMI-Sci-Ed H2020 project.


All social innovation projects developed by José Miguel involve organizations and individuals from disadvantaged groups. Examples:

  • Moraleja Magical Book includes AR, arduino, 3D printed objetcs, hand made elements (local maker community). Contents have been created in the DC Center though training and working sessions.
  • The Raspberry-Pi-based Photo Booth, developed with the Therapy Center users.
  • iLight and iConserje are two Apps for the efficient use of spaces and electricity in the building, both developed by users with disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • José Miguel is developing a project to help people with brain injuries based in a combination of coding, RaspberryPi and Brain Computer Interfaces.

All these projects also motivate users to go a step further in their own training. Considering José Miguel works mainly with vulnerable groups, his role as digital changemaker is especially relevant from a digital inclusion and digital empowerment perspective.

More on his website

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