ALL DIGITAL Awards 2020 finalists: Turtle Coding Box

Digital Resource Finalist: Turtle Coding Box


Year created: 2020

Resource owner: Helliwood media & education im Förderveren für Jugend und Sozialarbeit e.V.


With the Turtle Coding Box, ALL kids can learn how to code, regardless of social background, physical or mental abilities or disabilities. The resource provides:

  • the coding app TurtleCoder with integrated assistive technologies for learners with disabilities
  • the Turtle-Book as digital, interactive teaching resource with a complete curriculum for informatics basic education with 7 lesson plans, video-tutorials for teachers & students, task cards & working material
  • selected material with Braille, special videos with sign language

What is unique about the resources is that both the didactic approach and the technology are designed for inclusive learning. Teachers are able to teach coding with very diverse learners within one group at the same time. Children with and without disabilities, highly gifted ones or with learning difficulties – for the first time ALL students code together with just one resource and foster digital skills together. This enables future opportunities!


Since 2018 the material had been developed and piloted in Germany as part of the initiative Code your Life. Partner is Germany's largest social lottery Aktion Mensch. Over 500 students & their teachers took part and helped to evaluate for continuous improvement. 1,500 trainers/teachers are already qualified, the corresponding manual has been downloaded 22,000 times. In June 2020, the Turtle Coding Box was finally published. Within just one week, over 250 teachers ordered the resource & got trained in webinars.

Some quotes:

"Finally our students can be part of the coding movement. It is the first resource which allows our students to be part of digital society." 

"THANK YOU for this wonderful resource. I am really excited & will continue to spread your project among my all colleagues. It is so important that "leave no child behind" applies." "

It is really amazing! How does one thank you for the fact that people come up with such a great thing and make it available free of charge?! Applause."


The resource is licensed by the author as free for non-commercial use and the usage in scholastic context.

The integrated coding app TurtleCoder is based on the programming language LOGO. LOGO is quite common all over the world so it can be easily transferred. The TurtleCoder can be downloaded or used online & is freely available.

The resource addresses both teachers with & without experiences in computer science education. No prerequisites necessary.

The coding curriculum of the teaching resource includes a complete course for informatics education with all important coding principles e.g. loops, commands, variables, conditions, operators. The curriculum is aligned with national and European standards for computer science education. Therefore, a localization for other countries will probably not come along with main changes according to country specifics. Of course the material needs to be translated.

With the TurtleCoder students code in English, just the guidance for usability needs to be translated.

The human resources for necessary change can be provided in house. Financial support will be needed.

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