ALL DIGITAL Awards 2021 Finalists: e-facilitator: Ulaş Nezir

e-Facilitator Finalist: Ulaş Nezir

City/Town: Ankara

Country: Turkey

Number of years in service: 5

Number of years in the organization / people trained: 5 / 50

Organisation: Serçe Teknoloji / Serce Technology

Position in the organisation: Co-Owner / Project Development Coordinator

Nominating organisation: Ramadan Aliti


The team, who discovered the problems experienced by information technology teachers while giving robotics and coding training, aimed to increase productivity by developing a product that supports these trainings given in institutions. By designing a web portal and integrating educational content and LMS features, the team works with educational institutions, teachers and students. The contents of the digital platform, which is positioned as a source book in the lessons given in schools, are prepared according to the 5E model and aim to maximize the interaction between the student and the platform with the added features. The team, which transforms production technologies such as development cards, coding languages, computer-aided design programs into courses related to a curriculum, solves software and content development processes in-house.


The platform to be used as a candidate and a company is innovative with the age group it addresses and the consultancy services offered alongside the digital platform. Although there are many organizations that aim to increase dominance in these areas by making applications with coding languages, design programs, development cards, Serçe Academy focuses only on the k-12 level. All of the educational content here is designed in accordance with the pedagogical approach and based on learning outcomes. Thus, it is ensured that individuals who are equipped from the core are raised.


Let's imagine a teacher who has just graduated from the faculty of information technology teaching and has a lack of experience in the field. This teacher is expected to teach at all grade levels and produce different content for each grade level. Let's not forget that the teacher's resources and budget are limited. If no support is provided, the teacher may only waste time trying to apply the content they find on the internet at many grade levels without applying any vertical curriculum. It is also very difficult to follow up, report and evaluate in the training process. Here, it is observed that the students do very repetitive applications and experience disconnections in the following weeks. The teacher supported by the platform is supported by specific curriculum and content. Students have the opportunity to do individual studies and develop in many areas. Students who receive these trainings can be trained as FLL Jr, FLL, FRC, Teknofest etc. It has been observed that they express themselves in many competitions, produce projects that receive awards and are reflected in the media.

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