ALL DIGITAL Campaign in Medgidia Municipal Library

The Northern Branch of Medgidia Municipal Libray participated in ALL DIGITAL Week 2018, the pan-European digital campaign! The event is run at the European level by ALL DIGITAL and in Romania by EOS Romania Foundation together with the National Association of Librarians and Public Libraries in Romania and APDETIC.

According to statistics, 44% of European citizens do not have basic digital skills, so the aim of the campaign was to bring as many Romanians into the virtual space. Primary, gymnasium, high school and university students were the main target groups of the campaign in Medgidia.

Throughout the campaign, in the library and in the educational institutions with which the library has concluded partnerships, activities were organized for all those who had never used a computer or the Internet. They have learned to surf safely on the internet and by promoting online tools young people have been helped to assess their digital skills and thus increase their chances of employment and social integration.

The following activities were carried out:

  1. First click - Workshops where children who did not use a computer or did not access the Internet were encouraged to first click on the computers in the library. They were introduced to basic computer-related concepts, how to edit a text, etc. Then the children wrote after the dictation a short fragment from a story, which they formatted in various forms.
  2. Safety and confidentiality of data in the online environment - workshops for gymnasium and high school students.
  3. Testing digital skills and competencies for high school students - Workshops were organized to test digital competencies for high school students and students interested in future IT careers, to promote ICT for youth employability, to support young people to identify their latent skills and abilities by accessing platform.
  4. Online training courses for teachers, educators, and librarians on the Microsoft Education platform. For any of the courses that took place between 19 and 25 March 2018, totaling 1000 points, a Certificate of Attendance certifying their graduation is obtained.
  5. Introduction to Cyber Security, a course developed by Cisco through NetAcad - 11 students and students have enrolled and completed an introductory course on cybersecurity, ending them with an online test on the Cisco Net Acad platform.

The objectives of this year's campaign were to digitally include and present the benefits of safe internet surfing, to evaluate IT skills and to develop skills and IT skills for at least 250 members of the local community. At the end of ALL DIGITAL Week, we can say that 571 pupils, students, teachers from northern area of the city and library users attended the most important digital inclusion event of the year.

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