Over 200 people participated during ALL DIGITAL Week in a two-phase training with a collaborative approach that has helped to improve participants' skills, engagement and motivation to make the most of digital technologies, understanding their own way to self-empower in a glocal digital world.

This action aims not only to improve digital skills and empower, but also value local cultural heritage and other elements. Users create content related to their own traditions, monuments, celebrations, neighbourhood,… in a digital way.

Workshop I: Digital Content + QR code generation workshop.

Workshop II: Introduction to coding with AppInventor. Local App development.

The #RetoAllDigital is a training activity where users have been the protagonist of local awareness-raising campaigns, focusing on digitisation of cultural heritage, digital transformation and other local elements that users might consider relevant, such as local economy, inclusion of disadvantaged groups, environment protection or specific local events. Users co-create content using different digital technologies with the guidance of e-facilitators.

Digital content is linked to QR codes, which are placed all over the town, depending on the information they include. On top of that, an app allows users to access this content and takes them through a test that includes questions related to different co-created digital content. Once all the questions are correctly answered, users  receive their badge, certifying their knowledge on relevant local information.

Workshop I – Content co-creation:

Local digital-transformation-related topics have inspired the co-creation of different contents - videos, podcasts, pictures, interviews, etc. that users edited and uploaded to specific digital platforms: iVoox, Youtube, Instagram or Facebook. Those contents are linked to QR codes that users placed in specific locations in their towns, so that they built a local map of QR codes, that neighbours and tourists can check from their smartphones.

Workshop II – App development

Users developed Apps with the guidance of e-facilitators that include: registration form, QR reader, questions related to the previously co-created digital content, submission button. All created apps have been uploaded to Google Play Store, so anyone can download and install it.

All apps are available in the Google Play Account of Asociación Universidades Populares de Extrem....

And also on our website:

After these two workshops, locals and visitors participated (and will participate) in the #RetoAllDigital, a new approach to their own heritage, a new perspective of digital transformation and a fun way of getting closer to an effective use of digital technologies.

All those who correctly answer the questions included in the App, receive a Badge that acknowledge their successful participation in the local All Digital Challenge.

#RetoAllDigital in numbers

19 Digital Competence Centres (NCC) have been involved in the development of their own local All Digital Challenges (content generation + App). 16 different Apps have been created by local users with no previous experience.

Over 200 users have participated in the workshops and several activities are being organised at the moment and are planned in order to show neighbours the results of this amazing activity, so it is very difficult to calculate the real impact of this action.

#RetoAllDigital in pictures

Some projects have had a great impact on media and became REALLY popular!


Navalmoral de la Mata


More info about the project in the following link:

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