On 30 March 2019 CTC Rijeka hosted All Digital Rijeka Hackathon as a part of the ALL DIGITAL Week in Croatia. The idea behind the Hackathon was to gather creative youngsters who are going to create a Smart Plant Device, which would help take care of plants (to know when the plant needs water, when it needs sunlight, and the optimal temperature for the plant to grow).

The Hackathon participants were grouped in three teams, each consisting of 3 youngsters. Each team was provided with Udoo Neo Kit, which contained different electronic part such as sensors, relays, LEDs, resistors, etc. they could use to make their project the best. The teams were first given a description of their task and then they had some time to come up with the ideas and prepare themselves. After that they started working on the project.

The teams needed to make the necessary circuits and program the controllers as well as to make their device casing so they needed to use their smarts as well as their creativity in order to win in the competition.

During the Hackathon, all teams had access to various tools, devices and materials and they had constant support from CTC’s resident ICT and robotics experts.

After the teams created their projects, there was a vote to decide, which project was the best. The voting process included all participants, who voted for the best project among themselves. In the end the best team was given the main prize, Raspberry Pi, and all other participants were given diplomas and prizes for participation.

These kind of competitions have shown to be a great opportunity for youngsters to present their skills and knowledge on a projects that are interesting and tangible to them. Each of the youngsters learned something new, participated in creation of a real device, strengthen their teamwork and social skills while having fun all along. CTC Rijeka will surely organize more of these kind of activities in the future.

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