ALL DIGITAL Study Visit - AIS visits Langas į ateitį in Vilnius - Day 1

AIS Study visit to Langas I Ateiti

Albanian Institute of Science is a small organization based in Tirana, Albania. AIS main focus is to use technologies in profit of the citizens. AIS is s promoter of Open Data in Albania and the first hackathon organizer. Two of our members Besjana Hysa, Project Manager, and Orsela Drojam Youth Participation Activist, represented AIS in this Study Visit.


Langas į ateitį (Windows to the Future) an organization that aims to promote the use of Internet and e-services in Lithuania and hereby stimulate the growth of the standard of living, as well as Lithuania’s competitiveness among European and other countries of the world based in Vilnius Lithuania.

On the first day we got to visit Langas į ateitį offices and exchange information about both our countries. For example, both Albania and Lithuania has a population around 3 million citizens and Albania has 61 municipalities, only one more than Lithuania that has 60.

After exchange of some main information we got to work and share our project and work experiences. We got a lot of information in Langas I Ateiti's main projects

  • Online services for a Lithuanian e-citizen, a project that took place in 2010-2012 and reached 259 participants. The project target groups were: unemployed, people with disabilities and rural population, which learnt to use computer, internet and e-services, representatives of more socially vulnerable groups are able to integrate more quickly into the community life and labour market and have more possibilities to study and communicate. The project was implemented together social partners: Lithuanian Labour Exchange, Society for the Physically Disabled of Lithuania, 35 municipal public libraries. 

    We were interested Online services for a Lithuanian e-citizen project because online services are finally becoming a thing in Albania. e-Albania that is the government e-services portal has been launched in 2009 but it never become popular and useful till this year.  Also online payments and e-banking are new to most of Albanian citizens. We can adopt some of the activities’ and campaign they have done in Lithuania also in our work here in Albania

  • Use it and enjoy it. Project goal were to share experience with Scandinavian partners in the field of ICT training methodology for seniors, explore mmethodologies for adult education and facilitate its development. Result –  best practice package „Engaging Seniors to use ICT. 

     „Engaging Seniors to use ICT” was best practice and in Albania even those not so many seniors that are using internet are just using social medias and online communication tools like skype to communicate with their children abroad. This has been also a problem for citizens around 50 that are still in their working years and have problems using computers and online tools in function of their work and as everything is becoming more and more digital even in Albania it is needed to reciprocate and learn from such experiences.

  • Trans eScouts, Empowering eFacilitator intergenerational dialogue. The idea was to empower e-facilitators for intergenerational dialogue (ICT and life experience). Target audience were 16-25 youth and  55+  and partners in this project were 4 countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, They collaborate with Vilnius city libraries for developing this project . One of the libraries we visited on the second day.

From “Trans eScouts” project presentation we got what maybe we can call the best idea. We have many just graduated students that are very brave with computer and ict and do need to gain some working experience and also a lot of seniors that need to be trained and learned to use computer and online services. We do have the problem that in Tirana and all over Albania the city libraries that still exist are old, with out internet connection and mos of them do not have computer yet. So we are now thinking another way how we can implement such kind of project.

  • Generation 0101 A project were where created Free Educational Materials in 6 Languages in 7 educational modules:-  E-journalism, -Mobile application development, -Web design,- Community web radio,- Online collaboration tools for youth, -Easy coding,-  Video.

AIS has been training young people how to use internet, how to profit from online training, what possibilities can they have in the future if they gain ICT skills. Also journalists have been a target of our training, mostly how to facilitate their work using technology and open data formats. We found Generation 0101 project very interesting and a new source of information. We are going to analyze if we can use some of the modules and materials in our future training's, planned in 2018.

We also shared our own experience for some of AIS projects:

  • Open Data Albania: The first AIS project, aimed to open as much Governmental Financial Data as we can related to Budget, assets of declarations , procurement and in the end companies that win governmental data.

  • Hackathons that we have held through the years, in particular a Diplohack. A #DiploHack combines the specific know-how and skill sets of NGO’s, social entrepreneurs, tech developers and designers, and those of diplomats, journalists, and academics to ‘hack’ problems and come up with out-of-the-box solutions. Small teams comprised of a civil society representative, a diplomat, and a programmer will work together for 24 hours. This also got the interest of Langas I Ateiti colleagues and maybe soon they will have a Hackathon or Diplohack in Lithuania.

As both organizations are members of ALL DIGITAL and National Partners of ALL DIGITAL Week (formerly Get Online Week), discussion on the ideas, themes and development of activities in each country were part of the discussions on the first day.

Langas i Ateiti is a partners of National Digital Coalition of Lithuania, whose main goal is improving digital skills of the citizens in order to increase employment. This type of Coalition does not exist in Albania. They started working in 2002, and one of their first projects was” Establishment of public internet access points”. This project lasted from 2002 to 2004. Another interesting project is Youth Work HD, which consist in creating an online leaning space where the youth can develop skills and gain knowledge to improve their work or solve their problems. Also they created a website (in Lithuanian), which helps citizens learn how to use different internet services like e-government, e-banking, etc., and as I mentioned before, we have just started to use those in Albania and we need as much information we can to face easily all the issues during the road.

In the second part of the day we visited Rise Vilnius which was a workspace for the finance economic technology community. We registered and had a tour there. We were able to have a look at all the spaces, and we really enjoyed it.  Related also to the fact that our offices are renting in the first co-working space in Tirana. Most of the people working in our co-working space are IT and programmers not directly related with economic field but we already gather some good ideas of activities we can held in Tirana.

Learn more about the visit in the next post

All Digital Study Visit- AIS visits Langas į ateitį in Vilnius - Day 2

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