ALL DIGITAL Study Visit - AIS visits Langas į ateitį in Vilnius - Day 2

This is the second post about the Study Visit. Please see the 1st one - ALL DIGITAL Study Visit - AIS visits Langas į ateitį in Vilnius - D...

On the second day we visited RRT (COMMUNICATIONS REGULATORY AUTHORITY OF THE REPUBLIC OF LITHUANIA). There we were presented with their work: CERT-LT helps people solve their problem with internet security and threats, that contains how to be safe in the cyberspace, and Safer Internet for children being safe online. This is another institution that we do not have in Albania and that we see very important and needed. We talked also for alternative ways how to develop some alerts on internet security in Albania, and definitely AIS will consider to be engaged more in this direction also during ALL DIGITAL Week.

We also visited one of the libraries of the city which offers many services. The librarians are trained to work as e-facilitators. In the library you don't only borrow books, e-readers, CDs, etc. but also can learn how to use a computer or internet services, no matter what age you are. You could use their 3D printer to make models or you could try their 3D glasses to watch animated versions of Lithuanian famous book characters or other animations. And of course internet is for free.

They train librarians so they can make possible the contact between the youth and 55+. So practically the youths teach the elderly how to use computers or develop their digital skills and the elderly share life experiences with the youth. And this was a totally different experience from what we have had in Tirana. Libraries in Albania are very small, old and without internet access. We don’t have an electronic system for searching or borrowing books even in the National Library. We haven't only enjoyed visiting the library, but also we returned to Tirana with the idea of writing a concept idea to the Municipality Council before they decide to renovate Tirana Libraries.

At the end we can say that this study visit was very important and successful for us. We did not only have a good time sharing our work experience and add some more important points in our Organizations agendas based on what we learned from each other but also got a possibility to visit some cultural spots. Hopefully we will have possibilities to work in a project together in the future.

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