All Digital Week 2018 in Serbia this year engaged a record number of over 10.000 people who took direct part in numerous activities of the campaign coordinated by IAN Telecentar, Education Department of the local civil society organisation - International Aid Network.

Ninety local partners, led by primary and secondary schools, and including civil society organisations, public libraries, and professional associations joined the campaign. They designed various activities in more than 50 towns and villages, adjusting the activities to the needs and specifics of their local community. Educative and creative use of digital tool and resources was focused on highlighting the importance of digital skills and strengthening digital participation of citizens. People of all ages participated in creative workshops, e-skills seminars, a variety of lectures on children Internet safety and advanced use of the Internet, public lectures for the elderly, free e-courses and other.

Schools, the most numerous campaign partners, devoted significant attention to online safety events, using interactive presentations, games, and even making videos on this topic.

On the other hand, elderly, as the most digitally excluded group in Serbia, were not neglected during the campaign. A number of schools organised intergenerational knowledge exchange workshops where the pupils helped their grandparents and elderly neighbours to acquire basic e-skills and conquer the space of internet for the first time. Grateful for the new knowledge acquired, the elderly shared some of their skills,  such as waltz dancining.

Traditionally, IAN Telecentar organised competition for the best photo, video and for the most active partner during the campaign in Serbia. A number of extraordinary photos and videos were produced, and the winners are to be announced soon!

IAN Telecentar is extraordinarily proud of all our partners, committed activists who encouraged digital empowerment of over 10,000 people in their communities who took part in the events during the campaign. Special gratitude goes to school teachers who represent the pillar of the campaign in Serbia and act as the leaders of digital empowerment of children and youth thus opening the world of numerous opportunities for them.

A big THANK YOU to all campaign partners in Serbia for their dedication and efforts in organising fantastic activities and promoting digital skills and inclusion during the All Digital Week 2018!

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