The All Digital week is an international campaign driven from the European red of the same name with the objective of sensitizing the population about the importance of competition digital in all areas of life, especially at work. Through this initiative, the All Digital members organize actions and events designed to build trust in the technological development through the development of critical thinking. The campaign has a transversal approach that raises lifelong learning as a constant that maintains our updated digital competences in a context of continuous transformation. In words of the current European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, "in society Real, digital competence is an essential part of the most basic literacy. A level insufficient digital skills is equivalent to a situation of social exclusion: its Momentum is a key factor for inclusion"

The All Digital week is mainly aimed at 44% of Europeans who do not have basic digital skills 37% of workers with digital skills level insufficient for its functions or 72% that believes that the robots will take away their jobs. These Eurobarometer data, contrast with the impossible digitalisation of the economy and the increase in labor demand for the ICT sector.

Another important appearance of this campaign is the awareness of the proliferation of false information (news, job offers, advertisements, scams) and the development of an attitude criticism, showing tools to contrast and do anything that comes to us through of the infinity of information sources that we handle: social networks, media, digital platforms,… 

The Technological Literacy Plan, as a member of the All Digital Network and as a project involved in the social and digital inclusion of all people and in improving their employability, participate in this campaign by launching a series of actions included in the web, as well as a campaign of diffusion through their networks social networks with the hashtag #AllDigitalWeek.

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