ALL DIGITAL Week 2018: initiatives with the digital world in mind

Remember those days when people used to say that technologies were the future? Well, the future is now. We live in a time when machines are getting smarter, computers are getting better and robots can maintain a whole conversation or even receive the citizenship of a country.

Technology is all around us and is kind of impossible to avoid. And it has perks and downsides. Even though it is improving our lives, also the amount of fake news, hate speech and social media abuse is escalating.

So, this year, ALL DIGITAL Week focuses on two major themes: helping people build trust in technology by developing critical thinking and media literacy, including being aware of issues mentioned above; and develop a lifelong learning approach to enhancing digital skills in an ever-changing and increasingly digital-oriented economy.

In the week of 19-25 March 2018 24 National Partners come together to bring the ALL DIGITAL Week campaign to their countries, addressing digital literacy, online safety, cybersecurity, coding, and many other themes connected to digital skills and technology.

To do that, the partners will organize, conduct and disseminate different types of online and offline activities. This year’s edition foresees to reach at least 82,000 people. Here are some of each National Partners’ events and activities:

Albania, through AIS, will focus in involving young people in using the Internet in the most efficient way and is going to organize meetings with students.

Global Libraries – Bulgaria Foundation, the first time National partner, is organising activities that will include e-skills testing, IT career guidance training, seminars on online safety and online skills for people over 60, among other events.

In Croatia, Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka (CTC Rijeka) is focused on three bases: build personal responsibility and promote media and digital literacy; use digital tools to improve the chances in the increasingly digital society; and learn new digital skills.

The two main topics for the ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 in Denmark will be Cybersecurity and ‘How to die on the internet’. Telecentre-Danmark will place attention to practical use, tuition as well as legal aspects and rights pertaining to these functions.

In Finland, ALL DIGITAL Week has two partners (Bildningsalliansen and Make it Finland) promoting the activities and initiatives. Bildningsalliansen is arranging a large public event in Helsinki, and the goal is to fill up a house in the city’s downtown with digital things all day long, on the 19th of MarchMake It Finland will promote workshops open to everyone in libraries and schools on fake news, programming, making, VR & AR, etc.

Stiftung Digitale Chancen (SDC) is the German National Partner and will conduct two multipliers training events and provide senior citizens with tablets, while giving them the ground bases in how to use these devices, while Sozialforschungsstelle Dortmund Central will help to boost ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 activities in the region of Dortmund. Stakeholders for 21st Century Competence Centre are also involved.

In Italy, ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 happens in collaboration between ERVET and Fondazione Mondo Digitale (FMD). ERVET will organise a workshop with the migrant students of the CASPER project, with experimental language & coding activities in professional schools of Emilia Romagna and FMD will organize workshops in 10 schools, mainly in Rome and Milan. 

The Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (LIKTA) will organize events about the secure use of the Internet and data privacy, youth ICT, digital skills and services.

Langas į ateitį will organize the campaign in Lithuania, focusing on the promotion of the importance of digital skills and online safety for all with two main topics: trust and lifelong learning of digital skills.

The iVote Foundation is a new ALL DIGITAL Week partner and will conduct the activities in collaboration with Open the Windows for Macedonia. Together they will produce public events, presentations, debates, seminars that will involve various stakeholders.

In Poland, Information Society Development Foundation will organize meetings for people of all ages, where the participants will learn how to identify fake news and how to assess the reliability of information.

In the westernmost country of Europe, the Programa Escolhas represenst Portugal as a National Partner. Some of the planned activities are workshops on cybersecurity, cyberbullying, addiction to internet/online games, digital tools for employment, safe online shopping, coding and online courses.

In Romania, ALL DIGITAL Week will focus, through EOS Foundation, on courses, workshops and events to encourage first time users to access ICT devices, ICT for Women, Digital skills for seniors and Minecraft for Education courses.

Tvoy Kurs: IT for Youth project in Russia, and its partners are organizing workshops, competitions, e-skills testing and IT career guidance training, online safety seminars, meetings with the leaders of IT companies and video lectures for school kids.

In Serbia, International Aid Network will promote CT Training and coding classes for children, online learning, online safety for kids, ICT workshops for teachers, etc.

Simbioza Genesis Social Enterprise, in Slovenia, for this edition, will organize workshops where young people from primary schools will teach seniors how to get online and in Spain, the Spanish Association of Telecentre Networks will develop workshops, webinars, talks with experts, and several online and face-to-face training events.

In Sweden’s case, Foreningen Sambruk and Digidelnetverket will lead ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 with a wide variety of information & training sessions for drop-in’s, including beginner’s classes on ICT skills for employment.

Finally, is the National Partner in Switzerland, working with TEDxGeneva. The main event will host 500 people on the theme “And the day after?”.


You can participate in the campaign in various ways – as a national partner, event organiser, supporter and, of course, as a participant. Learn more in the Get involved section and check what events are planned in various countries.

If you still have questions about your involvement, please contact us.

Also, the Unite-IT platform provides networking opportunities for event organisers, hosts the photos, videos and stories from ALL DIGITAL Week.

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