ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 - With small steps in "The Knight's World"

"Saint Lucia" Kindergarten Craiova joined the campaign "Get on the net!" Pan-European Literacy and Digital Inclusion Campaign ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 through first-click activities.

How can we - parents, educators - prepare and prepare children for the digital world? Children are already immersed in the digital world and it is up to us to equip them with digital intelligence.

 The activity proposed by the "St. Lucia" Kindergarten aims at shaping the basic digital skills by supporting a pre-school grandparents  workshop.

Emphasis has been placed on developing collaborative relationships and computer skills.

A workshop with preschoolers (5-6 years) - grandparents about the "computer world" where we tried to explain the terms of the computer in their current language - the language of the stories.

The "Digital Knight" story talks about the functionality of the computer and the internet as children see and understand it. The story offers them a "knight" model with "magic powers" - digital skills, with which they will take a picture of what is called the "computer world."

The grandparents went into the workshop, but they were familiar with the computer,  "the story" ending up with the assimilation of computer skills.

I retain some impressions:

"I learned from Maria, my niece to draw on my computer. Was awesome." 

"Thank you for this initiative!

"My grandson is glad he has been able to find the song on youtube!"

"I was able to draw and write my name in Paint!"


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