ALL DIGITAL Week at the National College "Horea, Closca and Crişan" Alba Iulia, ROMANIA

At its tenth edition, the "Hai pe NET 2019!" Campaign supports the organizing of online activities, from simple digital literacy classes to actions aimed at online performance. The “Hai pe NET2019!” Campaign is part of the pan-European campaign of digital inclusion ALL DIGITAL Week 2019, an annual digital awareness campaign aimed at organizing online and offline events to address digital transformation and its effects: 43% of European citizens do not have basic digital skills; 37% of the workforce is not ready for digital jobs; 14% of European citizens have never used the internet; 49% of citizens have never used a site to verify the truth of facts or news and because 72% of Europe's citizens believe their work will be replaced by robots.

The National College "Horea, Closca and Crişan" Alba Iulia, Romania is again a Telecentre of the Literacy and Digital Inclusion Campaign this year, the coordinator of activities being Professor Ramona Humeniuc - Volunteer Scientix Ambassador for Romania.

The Campaign Agenda at The National College "Horea, Cloşca şi Crişan" Alba Iulia contains the following activities:

  • Monday, March 25, 2019 - launching the campaign - grades IX-XII - Promoting inclusion and web accessibility through creative activities with students (round-table discussion on "A Healthy Internet" and "How Can You Promote Diversity"), responsible: Prof. Ramona Humeniuc, Prof. Gabriela Suciu, Prof. Aida Muntean, Librarian Lucretia Bârz.

  • Tuesday, March 26, 2019- "Creative Programming through Minecraft Education Edition" - demonstrative, practical activities with students in classes IX-XI, aiming for the students who have not developed a code up to now (philology and social sciences students) to browse the tutorials on the platform: so that they may creatively understand how they can create their own products in the future. Responsible: Professor Mureşan Codruţa.

  • Wednesday, March 27, 2019- "The first click! at the Day Center for the elderly "in Alba Iulia- event-workshop encouraging people from the" Home for Elderly People "(CZV) Alba Iulia to give their first click with the students of the 9th grade C, intensive mathematics-computer science, profile computer science. The activity is dedicated to the elderly, active in the 60+ Folk Ensemble, the Women's Club and the elderly participants in various activities of the center, who are acquainted for the first time with a mobile device (smartphone, laptop, tablet). This CSF has been chosen because the main objective of the Centre is to prevent social marginalization and to support the community inclusion of the elderly in Alba Iulia, to develop social attitudes and combat social exclusion, to provide alternative care services by approaching an integrated medical-social model of service provision and prevention of institutionalizing the elderly. Responsible: Prof. Ramona Humeniuc, Prof. Anca Balan, Social Assistant Alina Şandru.

  • Thursday, March 28, 2019- "Creative Programming with Micro: Bits" - participants are the students of IX-X classes who go through the simple tutorials available at, which is aimed especially at students who have not developed a code up to now and which aims to facilitate creative comprehension of computer science concepts by the students. The microbrite is a small programmable computer, designed specifically to make learning of programming concepts easy and fun. Microbit helps students learn programming concepts in an intuitive and creative way and allows them to implement their digital ideas in games or applications. Responsible: Prof. Ramona Humeniuc, Prof. Codruţa Mureşan, Prof. Pamfil Sicoe, Prof Aniela Vizitiu.
  • Friday, March 29, 2019 - "Online training courses for e-facilitators, teachers,librarians,activists”Presentation of the platform offering highly exciting courses with ideas on how to address the important topics of sustainable development with students, awareness activity of the community (school, adults, parents) about how we can contribute to a more sustainable society and planet.  Responsible: Deputy Headteacher Sorin Schiau, Prof. Ramona Humeniuc, Prof. Monica Ferr Todoran.

“Hai pe NET 2019” is the Romanian version of the European ALL DIGITAL Week  and is implemented by the EOS Foundation together with an active community of telecentres, public libraries, schools, Points of Public Access to Information (PAPI) and other organizations and institutions dedicated to digital literacy in Romania.


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