ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 in Dortmund - an interesting experience!

Even though it was the 5th time the ALL DIGITAL Week Dortmund was organized by students at University of Dortmund, it was the first ALL DIGITAL Week for this years students. To work at a project like this, connected with partners and participants, create and lead workshops and evaluate our activities was and still is a new and exciting experience for all of us.

This year we reached overall 800 people with 40 workshops. The workshops dealt with four different topics: digital job applications, facebook for people with intellectual impairments, a first introduction to the app GoTalkNow and facing cyber bullying for pupils and parents.

The workshops were created for pupils and their parents, teachers and skilled employees, for refugees, unemployed people and people with intellectual impairment.

The workshops took place in different institutions. On account of our target groups, many workshops were given in different schools in and around Dortmund, as well as in workshops for handicapped people. Other institutions we visited were several learning spaces and social work and health institutions. The Cyber bullying workshop for the parents was given in local libraries.

Due to the variant target groups in between our workshops, we had to be very flexible during our workshops. The previous knowledge of our participants and their digital skills differed a lot, even in the individual workshops. Because of that every workshop was a new experience for us.

During the process of preparing the workshops we promoted the ALL DIGITAL Week via social media (Facebook and Instagram) and television. A local TV station broadcast a short report about our workshops. Furthermore we were able to reach a lot of new partners who are excited to be part of the ALL DIGITAL Week in following years.

Now we can say, the ALL DIGITAL Week was a lot of work and still is, but we had a lot of fun during the workshops. It was great to see how excited, motivated and thankful the participants took part in our workshops. Due to that we are mostly proud of all the positive feedback that reached us following the workshops.

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