ALL DIGITAL WEEK 2019 in "Nicolae Titulescu" High school, Slatina, Romania

With the support of  EOS Romania, in the frame of "Hai pe Net!" 2019 campaign, two activities of  digital inclusion ran in our school: 

1. „Let’s code the Micro:bit”( 25.03.2019) 

This was an awareness raising event. 18 year old students helped 9 and 10 years old students to make first steps in Mico:bit coding.

Learning objectives:

1. familiarity with coding micro:bit;

2. familiarity with basic concepts like sequences, modularization and repetition;

3. familiarity with planning and debugging practices;

4. peer-to-peer, collaborative and team working;

5. have fun with coding micro:bit.

Materials: tutorials and MakeCode Editor from

Feedback from participants: Bogdan, 19 years old student: "It was awesome and inspiring to help younger pupils to make first steps in coding! I definitely want to become a teacher!" Mihai, 9 years old pupil: "When can we repeat this lesson, please? I liked it a lot!"

2. „Minecraft voyage” (29.03.2019) was a collaborative workshop about coding in Minecraft. 

Some students, especially girls were shy and they didn't want to participate in the beginning, so I had to find a way to convince them that coding is fun also for girls.

Feedback from participants: Sara, 10 years old pupil: "First, I thought that is too difficult for me, but, I tried and, in the end, I liked it a lot!"

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