ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 in Prahova, Romania

During 25-31 March 2019 “Sf. Vasile” School Ploiesti, Prahova, ran activities as a part of the #ALLDIGITALWeek 2019 in Romania. The aim of the activities was to make children aware of the fact that the Internet communication is the vital issue for all communication nowadays.

This is because culture has multiple aspects. Internet communication is and will be the only “gate” to life, the only way to keep nations’ identity and to be “there” in a seat around that global table. Distances and borders between states disappear. Communication on the internet is becoming a “need”. With the Internet the opportunities for communication across culture have simply exploded. Undoubtedly, there is an unrecorded potential for misunderstanding. The combination of cultures affects human relationships.

It is up to us, foreign language teachers, to have the knowledge, develop the sensitivity and appreciate the importance of understanding the diversity in communication styles, to be able to become a better observer of other cultures, and a more successful communicator. Knowledge of other cultures is better acquired by experience than by study. Technology empowers students to become active learners as it provides them with the means of gathering information from and sharing information with a global community. There is no doubt that, when properly used, technology can supplement instruction and facilitate learning by making learners more responsible of their learning. Online communication brings awareness of the need to choose words, images and situations which avoid using qualifiers reinforcing racial and ethnic stereotypes, racial identification, or language that has questionable racial or ethnic connotations. Body language being absent, we should respect rules for distance.

The activities our children were involved in were:

  1. The first click- a challenge or a different approach

The children from School "St. Basil" Ploiesti, Prahova wanted to experience new opportunities learning to search relevant information on the internet.

  1. Digital skills in the secondary school

The children in our school are motivated by the idea of certification in digital competences. It is motivating, attractive, and affordable.

  1. Let’s programme creatively

Creative programming has become increasingly necessary. This is why our children learn how to do it.

  1. Programming with micro:bits in “Sf. Vasile” School

Programming has become an important issue in our students' lives. It is an enjoyable way to show your creativity. Our children want and need to be creative due to technological improvements in our lives.

The conclusion was that we all learn a great deal of new words and expressions such as:

  • webhead = someone who uses the internet a lot
  • cyberland = activity that involves the Internet
  • cybercafé
  • AFAIK = a written abbreviation of ‘as far as I know’
  • B4 = the written abbreviation of ‘before’
  • BCNU = ‘be seeing you’
  • BTW = ‘by the way’
  • FAQ = ‘frequently asked questions’
  • JIT = ‘just in time’
  • PLS = ‘please’

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