This year, due to the COVID-19 situation, CTC Rijeka had to cancel most of the face-to-face All Digital Week workshops, and this also reflected on all of the partner organizations that CTC Rijeka coordinates during the All Digital Week. However, our partner organizations and we decided to transfer some of the activities in the online environment to at least in some way participate in the ALL DIGITAL Week.

To do so we organized three online contests for children and adults:

1. Programming challenge on Hackerrank platform which gathered youngsters interested in coding. Their task was to solve several programming assignments and to do it in the least amount of time possible. 21 young “hackers” participated in the challenge and proved their excellent knowledge and skills, while the best ones, Jakov Tomasić and Jakov Celin got the prizes for being the best.

2. Robotics challenge with the topic “My life indoors” where we challenged young people to invent different “smart” solutions to help them with the life in the quarantine. 9 participants joined the contest, and the best one was young Iva Laštro who created the mBot floor cleaner.

3. 3D modeling competition with the same topic as the one in the robotics challenge, “My life indoors”, where 17 participants modeled their solutions for indoor life to be 3D printed. The best ones had their models printed and delivered to them. The winners of the contest are David Kanić, Erik Mikšič I Antonio Cvitković. Congratulations to all of the participants and to the winners!

Besides these competitions, CTC Rijeka produced short videos with tips and tricks on how to use the computer more efficiently for general public and disseminated the videos via social media using All Digital Week hashtag.

The situation with the COVID-19 brought many issues, even for the people who were healthy and at home, one of the most prominent ones being disinformation and fake news. In times like these, it is really important to be literate in regard to the media and different sources of information online. CTC Rijeka is a partner in the Get Your Facts Straight! Project, which came in handy, since the project is about tackling the problem of disinformation and promoting media literacy. In the frame of the project, and during the All Digital Week, along with our partners, we launched international online Get Your Facts Straight! campaign to inform the public about the problems of disinformation and fake news in social media and beyond. The campaign is accompanied by Get Your Facts Straight online course which is created for the youngsters aged 14-16 from disadvantaged background and their parents, and deals with the disinformation issue in more depth.


Activities run by partner organizations

Marlena Bogdanović from Tučepi Elementary School held two workshops. Online one, which included 16 paricipants, was about online and offline communication and what to do about the online and offline violence.

The second workshop, Our digital toys: Light and sound, was held face-to-face. 16 workshop participants learned about programming micro:bit microcontrollers to create sound and rhythm. The participants created virtual musical alphabet and digital piano.

Dalia Kager, from Eugen Kvaternik Velika Gorica Elementery School, held online workshops - Learning is creating (42 participants), Keep it safe (29 participants) and What will you be when you grow up? (23 participants). In the first one, the participants from 6th grade learned about digital tools for content creation and online collaboration, and produced multimedia content about COVID-19. The second workshop was about internet security. The participants learned how to protect their digital identity and be responsible members of online communities. The last workshop was about the exploration of different professions using online tools, and presenting their the results among each other in form of digital content.

IT club Futura released all of their programming course materials online to public for free, and anyone interested can download the materials from


In conclusion, although this year’s All Digital Week in Croatia was substantially impacted by the COVID-19 situation, Croatian digital education organizations put the effort in to teach people despite of quarantine and safety measures. Let’s hope that the next year All Digital Week will go through as usual.

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