ALL DIGITAL WEEK across Slovenia for digital inclusion of ALL generations!

Ljubljana, March 2018. ALL DIGITAL Week was one of the most successful campaigns in Slovenia so far as it attracted all sectors from civil society, national stakeholders and formal education, which also brought great results. National partners Simbioza Genesis, social enterprise, and FabLab National Network joined forces to highlight the importance of introducing digital skills to civil society to improve digital participation and strengthen employment possibilities for those who need it.

Within the activities, Simbioza organized several workshops for young people to introduce them to functional digital skills they will need to enter the labour market. Next to that, main focus was on workshops with people aged over 55 and senior citizens with teaching them how to get online, what to do online and how to use smart devices for everyday life. Together with FabLab Network we managed to get support from Slovenian Digital Coalition and Minister of Public Administration Boris Koprivnikar, who also gave a public video statement, published on Simbioza’s Facebook page. During the whole ALL DIGITAL WEEK we had a strong communication campaign on social media of Simbioza and FabLab (Facebook, Twitter).

Moreover, Simbioza had several workshops across Slovenia: innovation hub of technology Simbioza BTC City Lab, intergenerational center Simbioza, FabLabs over Slovenia, as well as 13 primary and secondary schools in Slovenia as Simbioza Schools, which implemented computer workshops for seniors in their local environments.

All together we had over 500 participants just with Simbioza and the rest through FabLab network. The most interesting event for our participants was definitely on set filming of workshops by our national Slovenian television station RTV Slovenija, which had a shooting session with senior participants in our Lab to make a short video article in an educational TV show (it will be aired in April).

All in all, the campaign was fun and had a good coverage on social media, especially through the support of Digital Coalition

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