ALL DIGITAL Week at “Ienachita Vacarescu” National College, Targoviste, Romania

On March 25-31, 2019, some of the students and teachers of the Ienachita Vacarecu National College celebrated the European week of digital inclusion.

With the desire to find out new things, the 299 pupils in lower-secondary school and high school students were involved in various activities such as:

- Programming in LOGO (teacher Catalina Estera Vlad ) - we tried to use the Logo programming environment in an interactive way as an alternative to working on computer science at the gymnasium. The logo is friendly, practically has immediate graphic effects and helps to understand algorithms, fundamental structures as well as the use of instructions close to natural language or pseudocode. We have encouraged this activity by organizing a small prize contest to train children with medium knowledge to understand language and to be able to develop their own program, their own program.

- Programming with micro: bit (teacher Beatrice Mihaela Chiriac) - Students from the 5th, 7th and 9th grade have become acquainted with programming with Micro: bits. For one hour, the students watched tutorials at and practiced the instruction blocks with different applications.

- Micro: bit in the lab (teacher Anca Mihaela Rafira) - within the activities carried out students have developed short codes to understand in a creative way the programming of their own products in the future. The objectives of the activity were: O1. to learn the skills of using the micro-bit application; O2. to develop algorithmic thinking based on the presented applications; O3. to use the software to creatively and intuitively program various applications. The stages of the lesson were the following:

1. Presentation of the subject and the materials prepared;

2. Presentation of the micro-bit application and the tools it contains;

3. Develop an application that will be published at the web address (;

4. completing the activity feedback;

- Learn IT (teacher Diana Elena Diaconu) - Students have learned about the design, development, implementation, support and management of hardware, software, and networking systems for organizing and communicating information electronically in an interactive way, and have been informed about computer systems, operating systems and will have the skills necessary to support their practical work in the future.

Pupils were pleasantly impressed with the activities they prepared and took interest in the applications prepared by the teachers.

 Participants' testimonials:

"By participating in this I understand that it is not so difficult to program if you do it in a graphic environment" (U.A. - 13 years);

"It's an activity worth doing! I found out new interesting applications. "(C.R. - 15years);

"I learned from these things, but in a different form! I'm glad I have accepted to take part in this course, which I highly recommend! "(T.L.A. - 12 years);

" I was aware of the existence of the micro: bits, but I have never been able to physically see the plaque that translates my written code "(P.A. - 15 years)

"On the occasion of this course, I got acquainted with hardware, software, network elements and many other things that I think will be useful in the future. "(D.R. - 15 years)

"It is a very useful course with updated information, a course that I recommend to all those interested." (P.P. - 16 years);

"A very interesting activity for our college students. I am convinced that the novelty brought by the information of the course and of the in-depth applications will increase the interest of the students "(P.V. - mathematics).


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