The Cyprus Computer Society in collaboration with various organisations has organized 9 different activities during the All Digital Week. These activities addressed all the age groups starting from Elementary students and reaching up to Adult trainers and Professionals and managed to bring together 1.5K participants from all over the island. It is true that due to the pandemic most of the activities were organised online but some had a physical presence and others were conducted on a hybrid format.

The activities organised in Cyprus were offered on both School times and on the students and educators free time and were

  1. Bebras Competition for Elementary School Students, Final Round, 06/03/2021
  2. Learn to code… become a superhero, 6/3 and 05-16/04/2021
  3. Introduction to coding, 12/03/2021
  4. Online courses on algorithmic and computational thinking for students, 16/03 and 06/04/2021
  5. Coding for High School Graduates, 19/03/2021
  6. Cyprus Cyber Security Challenge 2021, 01/04-18/04/2021
  7. Robotex Cyprus Trainers Meeting – The way forward, 08/04/2021
  8. Design your own digital game, 05-16/04/2021
  9. “SOFIA” Space Technologies & Remote Sensing, 05-16/04/2021

To learn more on the activities of coordinated by the Cyprus Computer Society you can visit or the specific websites,,, and their social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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