ALL DIGITAL WEEK in Dortmund - Get your job online

Today digital skills are very important in nearly every context. In our free time, we communicate via social media, use online shopping portals and streaming services to watch movies or listen to music. But digital competences are as well needed in a lot of jobs and working areas. For example most of employers prefer online job applications because of their many advantages.

For this reason we designed the workshop 'Get your job online' as part of ALL DIGITAL Week Dortmund 2019. We wanted adults with digital disadvantage to be supported with creating digital job applications and show them where to find a job online.

During the ALL DIGITAL week we visited a lot of different institutions to hold our workshop. We worked with imprisoned youths, refugees, long-term unemployed people, people with mental illness and teenagers with special needs.

The previous knowledge of our participants and their digital skills differed a lot, even in the individual workshops. Due to that we had to be very flexible and every workshop was a new experience for us.

We always started our workshop with asking our participants what they already know about online applications. That was a good way to get to know each other and learn something about their former experiences.

Afterwards we talked about hard and soft skills. With help of an online test of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit we introduced some soft skills and let them do the test by themselves. With this method we wanted to strengthen our participants and show them skills they did not know they have to mention in their application.

We worked a lot with the website of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit. As well as the test, we introduced a site where the participants can log in to find jobs online. There they can search jobs, save personal information that is needed to apply and write applications directly. At our last step we showed them the components of an application and a curriculum vitae.

It was important for us to show our participants how easy it can be to write an application online, if you know how to find tips and help. For that reason we showed them a lot of helpful websites and gave them a checklist with all the information they get in our workshop.

It was great to see how excited, motivated and thankful the participants were. We are very proud of all the positive feedback that reached us following the workshops and hope they can use everything they learned.

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