ALL DIGITAL Week in Dortmund - Workshop "Facebook... and then?"

In the week from March 25-31 the All Digital Week took place in Dortmund for the fifth year in a row.

As mentioned before, a group of students studying BA in rehabilitation science at University of Dortmund, created several interactive workshops for supporting digital inclusion. 800 people from different institutions could be reached that way.

As a member of this project, I want to give a brief insight in one of the workshops created by me and two fellow students.

Our designed and accomplished project called „Facebook… and then?“ aimed at sensibilisation of dealing with Facebook.

The offer was for people with cognitive impairments, that's why we visited different educational workshops for people with disabilities in Dortmund. In order to respond to the needs of the several target groups, spontaneity was an important factor as well as content-related, lingual and structural improvisation.

Every participant had different abilities in dealing with facebook so that our concept and presentation was in fact a good base but had to be handled differently in every workshop.

So in some workshops we started by creating facebook accounts with the participants. Afterwards we went through the most important functions of facebook together.

In other workshops on the other hand we worked out possible dangers and practical help as well as the prevention of them and dealing with these risks.

We also put a focus on the privacy settings which we revised together with the participants so that they could use facebook safely from now on.

During the workshops interesting dialogues and discussions between the participants took place as well as they could tell each other about experiences. Especially the interest and the special attention that was given to us during the workshop were the biggest compliments and our greatest pleasure in the All Digital Week.

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