This year, the iVote foundation in Macedonia was the ALL DIGITAL national partner for the first time! As completely new and almost inexperienced national partner of the ALL DIGITAL Campaign, the iVote foundation is so proud of the benefits of the activities conducted!

The campaign started with the closing event of the project for Social Inclusion through Technology for people with disabilities by helping them include in the IT sector. This event reached so much audience and had a great effect on all the public in the country sending a message that people with disabilities can also work and give their contribution at the IT sector in the country.

The campaign continued with the event organized at the premises of the last year ALL DIGITAL National partner Open the windows. The event was about the Hub we are opening, called HubIT, the first Hub in our country helping the people with disabilities find a job in the fast growing IT sector and also providing services for IT companies, all done by people with disabilities. It is all about providing them with knowledge, offering them online IT courses first, then preparing them to enter the IT labor market with the knowledge they gained and also practice. Those people are completely marginalized group not supported but the public in every aspect of their lives.

This event was attended by people with disabilities, and they were informed about the services the HubIT offers and also during the time of the event 5 people with disabilities were put at the software tester list that the HubIT prepares in order to have people that will work on the services that the HubIT offers to other companies. It was an event that for the people with disabilities opened huge doors for life chances. The present people were also informed about the benefits of the use of the IT technologies, especially working as a freelancer and they were of course informed about the benefits and the campaign of All Digital Week 2018.

The second supported event by the All Digital Week 2018 campaign was the National competition for computer science at the faculty of Information Technologies and Engineering where 1 500 people from all over the country participated. It was such an enormous group of people and a great message was sent as part of the All Digital Week campaign. In addition, during the competition 5 workshops were held about the benefits of the IT skills in the other classrooms at the faculty, about the most talented students and their chances to work in the IT sector, and also presentations of scientific papers were done by  professors from the Faculty for Information Technology and Engineering.

At the end of the month there were two more workshops in cooperation with CEFE Macedonia. The first was about Tips and Tricks in Business and the other about the creation and development of a Business Plan. One of the most important things when talking about these topics was the benefit of the online digital tools especially when setting up a new business.

So far, the iVote foundation has completed the goal to involve in the campaign all age groups and different profiles of people. We have reached the youth, the middle age entrepreneurs and the most important, we have reached the people with disabilities in our country as the most vulnerable group that needs help the most.

We are so motivated to do this again the following year and start planning for more and more events and including and informing more and more people...

Taking everything into consideration, according to the iVote foundation, the highlight of the campaign was the event organized for the people with disabilities. We are so proud to help them start working in the IT sector and start doing something that will change their lives for good. The event organized in the premises of the last year national partner Open the windows, the promotion of HubIT, was the event that sent the most important message for the world, the message that these people can contribute so much more and be in line with all the other people i.e. workers in the IT sector.

We would also like to express our gratitude to all the people that wanted to cooperate and participate in the 2018 ALL DIGITAL Week Campaign!

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