ALL DIGITAL WEEK in the Mechanical School "14, October" Kraljevo, Serbia

By implementing activities within the digital skills week 2018, we wanted students to be involved in the general understanding and development of digital competence and to encourage them to develop their digital competences. We also wanted to revive students, develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes towards different aspects of Internet usage, Internet security, digital literacy, digital identity and programming. The students also participated in workshops where they used various Web tools for creating digital content. All workshops had a genuine goal: to revitalize the awareness of students about the importance of digital literacy as one of the main skills of the 21st century.

We had peer learning activities on programming, as well as learning older people about internet search.

Students in the fourth grade showed students of the 1st grade of craft departments how to make the first steps in programming using After that, first grade students had practical work.

Third-grade students organized a workshop on internet search for school assistants, cleaners. They take care of students in different ways, so they wanted to give them a little thank you in this way. Depending on their interest, students helped them search the Internet and find content.

Electronic report of our activities is on the internet at  where together with students we wanted to transfer the atmosphere during the implementation of workshops and participating in digital skills Sunday 2018.

During the week of digital skills, we tried to motivate students to acquire digital competencies and use internezes to learn, create and develop digital literacy.


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