ALL DIGITAL WEEK in primary and high school "9 May" from Zrenjanin, Serbia

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Primary and high school "9 May" from Zrenjanin, Serbia has joined ALL DIGITAL Week, the campaign that has run since 2010. We've become the campaign partners in Serbia in order to promote the importance of using the online content,using technology in general in every form and goal.

On the notice board of the school, we have published the terms and locations for all the thematic lectures planned in the framework of ALL DIGITAL Week.

Students were actively participating in the conversations regarding the usage of social networks

At my question "Who has a profile on social networks?" no one raised a hand, but when i asked "Who's on Facebook?", almost everyone raised their hand.

The students were unfamiliar with the term Worm but they have heard about "virus".
Almost no one of the students that were present has never virtually visited a museum or a cultural institution.

They leave sensitive data on Facebook that is available for the public.

After these workshops, we concluded that:
- Students do not understand the best terminology
- They behave in a risky way on social networks
- Few use the Internet for the purpose of finding cultural and educational information
- It is necessary to empower students with difficulty in development in acquiring digital skills and adequate competences, to use available information on the Internet and the skills to manage digital technologies.
- It is important to actively encourage parents to find information through the Internet to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.

Here is our certificate

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