ALL DIGITAL Week in the Russian Province

The Volgograd region was a great example of the ALL DIGITAL Week  success in Russia. On 19-25 March 2018,  63 libraries of the region hosted 113 events for school children and their parents, students, teachers, and senior citizens.  Over 1,800 people from 11 districts and remote rural areas attended seminars, interactive lectures, master classes, training sessions, and multimedia lessons.

The Tvoy Kurs team of the Volgograd Regional Academic Library developed recommendations and PowerPoint presentations for their partners to facilitate their participation in the ALL DIGITAL Week. Most of the presentations contained slides introducing users to the federal E-Government web-portal, to the e-government services, the IT for Youth project online educational resources, The Week of Code on MOOC developed by the Togliatti training center and offered for all campaign participants.

Over 400 young Volgograd residents attended 14 training events offered by the Volgograd Regional Academic Library, where they learned about using e-government and e-Commerce services; online safety and data confidentiality; tested their ICT skills, developed their skills of effective and collaborative online communication; learned the basics of programming and prepared digital portfolio for work and entrepreneurship.

Career guidance training event was the big success with its participants. Secondary school and college students studied the Atlas of Emerging Jobs (the list of new jobs that will be relevant in the medium and long term in fast-growing and emerging sectors of the Russian economy) that helped them to understand how the world is changing and what types of young specialists it will need in the future. Skillage e-skills self-assessment  was also appreciated by youngsters, as it gave them the chance to check their e-skills. Junior and secondary school students were passionate about the I Want to Know Everything series of trainings, where mentors and volunteers introduced them to the basics of coding, presenting the tools for virtual reality programming in Alice and Kodu Game Lab environments. The school kids were immersed in the visual programming, inventing their own 3D worlds and characters.

A range of online safety events was held in most libraries of the Volgograd region, with interactive games, presentations and videos used. Special attention was paid to the presentation of electronic resources from the funds of the national electronic and Presidential libraries.

The team of young and enthusiastic volunteers  - students from the Volgograd universities joined the campaign to hold its numerous events. They conducted interactive lectures and training sessions for users from 6 to 81 years of age. A lot of positive feedback about volunteers’ valuable assistance was received from the All DIGITAL Week participants.

The campaign was widely supported by quite a number of partners -  regional IT and business companies, as well as educational establishments.

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