And Then I Saw the Internet – Now I’m a Freelancer!

Retiree Valentina Loginova from Krasnoufimsk (Sverdlovsk region) wants to become a freelancer, taking orders and selling her unique handmade crafts online. She made this decision after attending the Jobs Online seminar, organized by the Paluba/Tvoy Kurs ICT Center on 29 March 2012.

During Get Online Week the Paluba Center staff introduced many Krasnoufimsk residents to ways of working from home. There are many remote job vacancies online, but often senior citizens lack self-confidence and need expert advice to match their skills and competence level with available job offers. Aleksei Pasynkov, an online business owner and a volunteer trainer with the Paluba Center, shared his own experience and reviewed various types of online employment. His main advice was: “The virtual world is much like the real world: if you want to make serious money, you need to work hard. To have a Moscow salary in a remote village requires major self-discipline and good self-management skills – which is also something that needs to be learned.”

Senior citizens attending the seminar were amazed to hear that their handmade crafts can be sold on the Internet using blogs, online auctions and social networks, and that one can also develop and sell electronic products – for instance, educational videos and books.

Members of the All-Russian Deaf-Mute Society were especially interested in freelancing as a an opportunity for people with disabilities to work from home. After the seminar one of them decided to acquire professional designer skills: forty-year-old Elena, mute from birth, wants to work from home, designing eye-catching print content and taking orders online. Vladimir Alyoshin, a retired translator, was excited to see job vacancies and translation project opportunities available online.

 The two hours of the seminar were too short to cover all possible ways of making money online, especially with the many questions asked by the seminar participants. This obvious interest inspired the team of the Krasnoufimsk  Center to organize a series of training seminars for job seekers on specific topics like How to Create a Blog, The Art of Rewriting and Copyrighting, and How to Sell Online.

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