Telecentre Europe Awards 2016 Entry: e-Facilitator

Andra Jakobsone

Country: Latvia

City/Town: Liepāja

Work Place: Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association (LIKTA)

Position: technical expert

Years in service in current organization: 8

Years in service as e-facilitator: 10

People supported/trained: 500

Nominated by:  Māra Jakobsone, vice president, LIKTA


The first years of training digital skills Andra Jakobsone gained while working in LIKTA L@W training centre in Ventspils. She has experience in training various NGOs, entrepreneurs and also disadvantaged groups: unemployed and job seekers, seniors, women after maternity leave and people with disabilities. Later she moved to another city and continued working with same target audience in LIKTA L@W training centre in Liepaja. There she started to develop theoretical principles of knowledge management for building course methodology focusing on online group work, influence of conditions on individual's interest for achieving common goals. Andra was nominated for Latvian ICT award Platinum Mouse 2012 as the best e-teacher. Currently she is also deputy director of IT field and a project manager in a state run secondary minority school with 663 pupils and 61 teacher staff.


Andra has professional experience in development of training processes and learning materials. She is actively participating in the execution of municipal ICT projects and always supports implementation of innovative ideas. Andra has worked on a variety projects, currently on „Generation 0101”. Andra is helping to reach the main goal of the project: promote policy changes in Digital Agenda; design curriculum and course materials that develop valuable skills in the Digital Industry; implement digital projects that provide valuable solutions to local communities. Personally she is very interested in promoting the use of technology in the cooperation process and in creating a user friendly and motivating IT approaches where possibilities of information exchange between education institutions, students and branch experts can be found.


Currently Andra is a Ph.D. candidate at Liepaja University (Doctoral Degree in E-studies, technologies and management) with research “Technological modeling of knowledge sharing for the provision of sustainable cooperation between adult educational institutions and enterprises”. The research aims to justify and develop the knowledge sharing technological model and prototype for sustainable cooperation between adult educational institutions and enterprises. The goal involves innovative methods and web-based automated cooperation system. The results of the thesis are included in 16 publications in various local and international scientific editions. Andra Jakobsone has a lot of ideas how to improve teaching process to achieve the expected results. As e-facilitator Andra is extremely open-minded, positive and supportive person, with great ability to lead people to reach their best. Andra also accommodates well to people with different working styles.


Andra is a very suitable candidate for Telecentre Europe Awards 2016 thanks to her past experience and performance and her personal approach to everyone. She has the right attitude towards research work and needed skills, she is the person who is not afraid to challenge herself and people, who work around her, delivering results and managing the projects. The projects always take into account the human factors and working on competences: critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication.

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