Telecentre Europe Awards 2016 Entry: e-Facilitator

Andrea Andreasen 

Country: Danmark

City/Town: Logumklster

Work Place: Telecentre-danmark

Position: volunteer ICT manager Logumkloster

Years in service in current organization: 15

Years in service as e-facilitator: 15

People supported/trained: 1 800

Nominated by: Morten Lembke, special advisor, Telecentre-danmark


Andrea Andreasen (75) has been working as a volunteer ICT instructor for the past 15 years. Over the past five years she has worked as acting manager (volunteer) for the ICT Centre Royal in Logumskloster.

The ICT center has 15 volunteer instructors (all over the age of 60) providing free of charge courses to 12 classes per week for approximately 80 students, 5 days a week.

As a volunteer, Andrea Andreasen spends at least 30 hours per week in the centre, teaching, planning and coordinating classes for instructors and students. All students are elderly people, all are over the age of 60.


The ICT centre in Logumskloster was the first ICT centre established in Denmark in 1998. Initially it was a pilot project catering for vulnerable elderly people (60 plus) who wanted to learn about IT.

The ICT centre was established based on pedagogic teaching method catering specifically to the elderly, where learning and social aspects are linked up together. All instructors are elderly volunteers, teaching elderly students peer-to-peer. All tuition is based on a one-to-one model.

The ICT centre has based the tuition on basic IT skills such as internet, mail, the office package, net-banking, e-shopping, etc. Also a very large part of the tuition is focused on e-government, as all communication with authorities in Denmark now can be done only via IT.

ICT Logumkloster also participates in all national and international campaignsconducted through Telecentre-danmark.


Vulnerable, elderly people often have bad memories from their school days, and are reluctant to, or feel insecure about, enlisting in a new project due to their age and/or circumstance. Incorporating and combining social aspects, the ICT Royal centre, Logumskloster, has successfully managed to activate a large number of elder citizens encouraging them to take part in the ICT tuition.

As the social aspect is part of the tuition, they have managed to keep and encourage their students to complete the courses and have a success rate of about 95%. This is a very high score when assessing this segment of vulnerable elderly citizens.

They have empowered their students, making them self-sufficient and comfortable with the IT solutions. 


Creating the right kind of environment to promote and simplify technical solutions is essential for both instructors and students to achieve maximum results.

Because many elderly are reluctant to learn how to use IT, motivation and the necessity to see benefits is important. The Activity Centre offers many different activities such as painting, music, exercise, knitting etc.

A discussion in the canteen between two ladies about different knitting patterns was overheard, and they were invited into the ICT section to use the internet thereby solving their knitting issue. Afterward they both signed up for IT classes.

Making students feel secure and welcome is important.

The ICT centre Royal is not just an ICT centre – it is a vital part of the town and the surrounding region. 

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