Are we eating unnecessary Bandwidth ?

I was thinking late one night, when uploading a video to Facebook, and seeing my 300+ friends on the list.
What if all my firends, and friends of my friends, and friends of their friends.....upload videos? Well, that is exactly what is happening, though we give very limited attention to Facebook, Youtube etc.
And to think that many of my peers are downloading movies everyday ! makes us to think are we been rude to this wonderful commodity > bandwidth. Everybody has to share what is available. I firmly believe we should have standards and limits to our consumption of bandwidth, because it is now getting very limited. And we would see the service providers shutting their services to developing nations in Asia.

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Comment by Laia Fauró Gual on May 5, 2009 at 13:08
I read the article. It is really interesting! I recommend it :)

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