For the ninth time, EOS Foundation was the Romanian national partner for ALL DIGITAL Week 2018. From the beginning, the campaign at national level has been branded as "Hai pe net!" with its own logo and visual identity elements. So this year again as the localized version of the European ALL DIGITAL Week campaign in Romania was "Hai pe net!” campaign.

The campaign in Romania was run by EOS Foundation in partnership with National Association of Public Libraries in Romania, APDETIC Association and the Skills Coalition 4IT, together with an active community of telecentres, public libraries, schools, Access Points Public to Information (PAPI) and other organizations and institutions dedicated to digital literacy in Romania. The number of national partner organizations/centers that joined the campaign raised from year to year, and the activities developed have been increasingly diversified.

This year, 112 centers registered for the campaign and developed various activities at local level within their communities, depending on the specifics of the center and the community. EOS Foundation, as a national organizer developed and suggested a range of activities to be implemented during the Hai pe net!2018 campaign. We were very happy to see that provided activities and resources were well received and implemented by the partners during the training sessions and workshops.

Digital inclusion activities that marked the digital inclusion week in Romania and which involved a large number of participants were related to:

1. First click: courses and workshops were organized in order to encourage people who have never used a computer or have never accessed the Internet to make the first click with us in the campaign;

2. Digital competences using IC3– Digital Literacy certification. Certipro Education offered 1,000 IC3 free simulations;

3. Creative programming through Minecraft Education Edition – tutorials for schools students in order to learn how to create their own games;

4. Online training courses for e-facilitators, teachers and librarians – Educators were encouraged to register on the educational portal of Microsoft, dedicated to teachers and trainers;

5. Promoting web accessibility - activities for raising awareness among community members and public authorities about the importance of web accessibility;

6. Cybersecurity - (Introduction to Cybersecurity) through Cisco NetAcad – schools and public libraries were supported to involve their students in the course Introduction to Cybersecuty and to obtain the Participation Certificate;

We are really proud that all these activities led to the organization of 111 events which were registered on the campaign map of events and thus qualified Romania on the first place in terms of events on the ALL DIGITAL Week map.

As a result of running these events, 2,537 people registered as participants through the ALL DIGITAL Week digital counter, qualifying Romania on the third place at the end of the Week.

As a national partner of the campaign, EOS Foundation is grateful to its partners and recognizes their efforts in putting together so many wonderful activities and engaging such a significant number of people during the digital inclusion week.

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Comment by Marika Emese Cimpean on April 10, 2018 at 5:50

We are proud for having had the chance to take part and we want to congratulate you for the results, but, more important, to thank you for the great support you offered us. #haipenet2018 #ADW18 #alldigitalweek

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