Want to know the basics of staying safe online? Want to know best practices for securing your browser, email, personal data, and mobile phone communications?


GreenHost.NL together with FLOSS Manuals (Free Manuals for Free Software) write a book about it. They spend 4 days (in a book sprint) and finish on 6:00pm in Monday, 1st May. And it was also printed and distributed for free during World Press Freedom Day, 3rd May at a Press Now hosted event in Amsterdam.



Its a great book and you must read it, to make sure you understand the risks and know what you can do to stay safe. It has technical detail but not written 'for the technician'.


Why you might need this manual?


Maybe you want to increase your security while browsing or mailing so you are better defended against undirected attack, or you might be just fed up with companies storing all your data for financial purposes, or suggesting you all sorts of things about yourself and your friends.



[EPUB version - Basic Internet Security]

[PDF version - Basic Internet Security]


I. Intruduction

II. General Safety

III. Protecting your passwords

IV. Safe Browsing

V. Basic E-mail Security

VI. Email Encryption

VII. Securing Personal Data

VIII. Securing remote connections

IX. Mobile Security & VoIP

X. Background Information


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