“Be Internet Citizens” from Brussels to everywhere! Let's create for change!

Inspired by the “Be Internet Citizens” train the trainers workshop I’ve participated on 18thMarch in Brussels organized by ALL DIGITALL and collaborating on that great initiative from Google Europe and YouTube “Creators for change”, at “Fundación Esplai” we decided to spread it out all around Spain by organizing a workshop to transfer the initiative training content and methodology to all the community workers from “Conecta Joven” and “Telecentros” network organizations that we are linked to.

Once a year we all get together in Madrid in order to touch base and get inspired by each other and share social projects, initiatives, actions, proposals, dynamics, games, adventures and lots of laughs. This year the topic was "Youth committed to zero violence", and we decided to include the “Be Internet Citizens” training action for community workers as a part of the event. We believe that bad use of Internet, including “fake news”, “bias “echo chambers”, “filter bubbles”, “emotional manipulation” and “hate speech” could be or lead to violence in all their different forms. That said, the delivery of that workshop to the social workers could help them to create awareness of this phenomenon happening as a part of the digital revolution we are living nowadays.

During the workshop we had participants from 17 different associations spread around 10 different regions. They all participated actively in the train the trainers session, and deep and interesting discussions were held. Most of their associations work on the one hand with vulnerable people at risk of social exclusion where they are currently working into many initiatives to train them in basic digital competences, so they can play an active part in society. On the other hand, they work with youngsters that actively participate in social impact initiatives so they can develop and put their social values in practice.

This training was really meaningful to them since it opened a new way of working with vulnerable groups since disinformation online is a global vulnerability that we are all exposed to, but especially young people that communicate mainly online and therefore they are strongly influenced by online content shared.

We were all very inspired by each other during the session and we were all willing to get involved in that global project, research more about it, how this is being treated in our local regions and what else can we do about it, apart from increasing awareness.

We believe the last lesson from the original “Be Digital Citizens” training plan, called “Creators for change” could be the key point not only for spreading out media literacy, critical thinking and digital citizenship concepts but also to encourage young people to get actively involved by making an online action plan where they can express themselves with creativity and having a positive voice online.

From “Fundació Esplai”, as a connector among those associations, we’ve created an online shared space among all participants with the ‘Be Internet Citizens’ training materials by module with the aim to keep on sharing extra materials, updates, news about, local examples, ideas, proposals, events and any other information that can help us out to enhance the initiative and bring communities together by CREATING FOR CHANGE!

Join us!!! Find more about at: https://internetcitizens.withyoutube.com 

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